08 to 17th December 2021 Current Affairs

2021 Current Affairs, gkduniya, Weekly Current Affairs PDF Download , gkduniya
2021 Current Affairs, gkduniya, Weekly Current Affairs PDF Download , gkduniya

08 December 2021 Current Affairs to 17 December 2021 Current Affairs

Half December 2021 Current Affairs: In this post, we share every day refreshed Current Affairs. This point is the main piece of every cutthroat test. This large number of posts are extremely generally significant for every one of the up-and-comers who are getting ready for the serious test.

Current Affairs 08 December 2021

1. Which service will dispatch the ‘Shreshtha conspire for understudies in secondary schools?
Ans. Service of Social Justice and Empowerment
2. Which the territory of India has turned into the main state in the country to get 100% Kovid-19 inoculation?
Ans. Himachal Pradesh
3. Vinod Dua, one of the trailblazers of transmission reporting of which language, has died?
Ans. Hindi
4. Ajaz Patel of New Zealand the which cricketer to take each of the 10 wickets in an innings?
Ans. third
5. Which world has been picked as the “Expression of the Year 2021” of the Cambridge word reference?
Ans. Tirelessness
6. When is Flag Day celebrated by Armed Forces in India?
Ans. 7 December
7. Which group has won the title by overcoming Germany in the Junior Hockey World Cup played at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar?
Ans. Argentina hockey group
8. India and which nation have consented to an arrangement with respect to AK-203 attack rifles in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh?
Ans. Russia
9. Among India and which country, a joint military exercise “Ekuverin Exercise” has been coordinated?
Ans. Maldives
10. Who has been designated as the executive of the National Highways Authority of India?
Ans. Alka Upadhyay

Current Affairs 09 December 2021

Ques 1. Which previous Chief Election Commissioner of India has been remembered for the counselor leading group of the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance?
Ans. Sunil Arora
Ques 2. OYO Hotels and Homes has designated the previous executive of which bank Rajnish Kumar as essential gathering consultant?
Ans. State Bank of India
Ques 3. Which bank has dispatched India’s first independent metal charge card?
Ques 4. As indicated by RBI information, which state has surpassed Maharashtra to turn into the biggest assembling center of India?
Ans. Gujarat
Ques 5. Which player has been named by Kinara Capital as its authority image envoy on the event of the tenth commemoration?
Ans. Ravindra Jadeja
Ques 6. In which the college of America, Indian American mathematician Nikhil Srivastava, who educated in America, will be given the Cipriani Foyce Award of AMS?
Ans. College of California
Ques 7. Which female player the BWF World Tour 2021 won the title?
Ans. seyoung
Ques 8. How long’s detainment has been given to Myanmar’s lawmaker “Aung San Suu Kyi”, who was granted Nobel Peace Prize?
Ans. 4 years
Ques 9. Which country’s player Viktor Axelsen and Taipei’s Tai Tzu-Ying of China have been picked as the people’s players of the year 2021 by the Badminton World Federation?
Ans. Denmark
Ques 10. What number of arrangements were endorsed among India and Russia in the 21st India-Russia culmination held in India?
Ans. 28 arrangements

Current Affairs 10 December 2021

Ques 1. When is SAARC Charter Day noticed?
Ans. 8 December
Ques 2. Who has been named as the top of the ‘Tri-Service Inquiry’ into the helicopter crash of CDS General Bipin Rawat?
Ans. Air Marshal Manvendra Singh
Ques 3. World’s most seasoned Test cricketer Ilene Ashe has died as of late at what age?
Ans. 110 years
Ques 4. Which nation has as of late fined Amazon $1.3 billion for maltreatment of market strength?
Ans. Italy
Ques 5. Who turned into the new Chancellor of Germany instead of Angela Merkel?
Ans. Olaf Scholz
Ques 6. Which state’s sixteenth Bird Sanctuary has been proclaimed as the Kazuveli Wetlands as of late?
Ans. Tamil Nadu
Ques 7. Who is the new President of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI-FICCI)?
Ans. Sanjeev Mehta
Ques 8. As of late Nand Kishore Pustry has died who was he?
Ans. instructor
Ques 9. What is the positioning of India in the Asia Power Index 2021?
Ans. fourth
Ques 10. Which day is commended all around the world on tenth December?
Ans. world basic freedoms day

Current Affairs 11 December 2021

Ques 1. What is the position of India in the Asia Power Index 2021?
Ans. fourth
Ques 2. At what age has the world’s most established Test cricketer Ilene Ashe died?
Ans. 110 years
Ques 3. “Kajuveli Wetland” announced sixteenth Bird Sanctuary by Environment Forest and Climate Change Minister Supriya Sahu, is situated at?
Ans. Tamil Nadu
Ques 4. What is the position of Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in the rundown of the World’s 100 Most Powerful Women 2021?
Ans. 37th spot
Ques 5. Which territory of India’s well known instructor and Padma Shri awardee Nandu Kishore Prusty has died?
Ans. Odisha
Ques 6. Which association has delivered the World Malaria Report 2021?
Ans. World Health Organization
Ques 7. How long has the Union Cabinet endorsed the “Head of the state’s Residence
Has endorsed the development of the plan “Gramin”?
Ans. Walk 2024
Ques 8. Which day is commended all around the world on tenth December?
Ans. world basic liberties day
Ques 9. Who has been delegated by the BCCI as the chief of the ODI configuration of the India group later the captaincy in T20?
Ans. Rohit Sharma
Ques 10. India’s Jhili Dalabehda has won the silver award in what number of kg classes of ladies’ Commonwealth Weightlifting Championship?
Ans. 49kg class

Current Affairs 12 December 2021

Ques 1. Which IIT foundation researcher Ropesh Goyal has won the “Youthful Geospatial Scientist” grant?
Ans. IIT Kanpur
Ques 2. SBI and who has gone into a consent to help the offspring of war veterans, earlier servicemen, and war widows?
Ans. Kendriya Sainik Board
Ques 3. Bhasha Sangam Mobile App has been dispatched with what number of dialects?
Ans. 22 dialects
Ques 4. Dr. Suresh Jadhav, the chief head of which organization, which assumed a part in the advancement of the Kovidshield antibody, has died?
Ans. Serum Institute
Ques 5. Who has given eyewitness status to the International Solar Alliance?
Ans. Joined Nations General Assembly
Ques 6. Which Chancellor of Germany has been chosen by the Parliament of Germany later the Second World War, Olaf Scholz?
Ans. 10th
Ques 7. Which space office has dispatched another X-beam mission from Kennedy Space Center Florida?
Ques 8. Madhya Pradesh government has carried out a police chief framework in Bhopal and in which city?
Ans. Indore
Ques 9. When is the World Children’s Fund Day celebrated?
Ans. 11 December
Ques 10. NITI Aayog has dispatched ‘e-Sawaari India Electric Bus Alliance’ in organization with?
Ans. CESL and WRI India

Current Affairs 13 December 2021

Ques 1. When is the “Worldwide Mountain Day” commended each year all over the planet?
Ans. eleventh December
Ques 2. Who has been given spectator status to International Solar Alliance?
Ans. Joined Nations General Assembly
Ques 3. Contribute India and which telecom organization has as of late dispatched the “Startup Innovation Challenge”?
 Ans. Airtel
Ques 4. Which state has topped in the as of late delivered India Skills Report 2022?
Ans. Maharashtra
Ques 5. In which realm will the nation’s subsequent top notch rail route station be constructed?
Ans. Rajasthan
Ques 6. Who and Federal Bank has as of late went into an understanding for bancassurance?
Ans. Star Health Insurance
Ques 7. As of late who has been granted the Ramanujam Prize 2021 for Young Mathematicians?
Ans. Teacher Neena Gupta
Ques 8. Which realm government has endorsed the foundation of a Buddhist college?
Ans. Tripura
Ques 9. Who has been organized as the new Executive Director of UNICEF?
Ans. Katherine Russell
Ques 10. From where did DRDO effectively test the Extended Version Pinaka-ER on eleventh December 2021?
Ans. Chandipur Integrated Test Range

Current Affairs 14 December 2021

Ques 1. When is the International Day of Universal Health Coverage noticed each year?
 And. 12 December
Ques 2. Contribute India and which telecom organization has dispatched the “Startup Innovation Challenge”?
Ans. airtel
Ques 3. Haiderpur Wetland situated in which realm of India has been perceived under the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of 1971?
Ans. Uttar Pradesh
Ques 4. In which version of India Skills Report 2022 delivered by Wheebox, Maharashtra has been positioned first?
Ans. ninth Edition
Ques 5. Who else has gone into a concurrence with Federal Bank for bancassurance?
Ans. Star Health Insurance
Ques 6. Which service has facilitated an occasion named “Computerized Payment Festival”?
Ans. Service of Electronics and Information Technology
Ques 7. Association Minister Shri Sarbananda Sonowal has dispatched a waterway voyage administration at Mormugao port situated in which state?
Ans. Goa
Ques 8. Which nation has executed its new “Zero Kovid Policy”?
Ans. Hong Kong
Ques 9. Who has won the title of Miss Universe 2021?
Ans. Harnaaz Sandhu
Ques 10. Who was respected with the Icon Award of the 21st Century?
Ans. Amit Goenka

Current Affairs 15 December 2021

Question 1. Indian mathematician, who has been granted the 2021 DST-ICTP-IMU Ramanujan Prize?
Ans. – Neena Gupta
Question 2. Which bank has been recognized with 2 DigiDhan grants by the Union Ministry of Information Technology and Electronics?
Ans. – Karnataka Bank
Question 3. State head Narendra Modi has devoted the Kashi Vishwanath Corridor to the country, worked at an absolute expense of concerning what number of crores?
Ans. – Rs 900 crore
Question 4. Association Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment who has dispatched the National Helpline Against Atrocity “14566”?
Ans. – Dr. Virendra Kumar
Question 5. When is the National Energy support Day celebrated?
Ans. – 14 December
Question 6. Which day is commended entire over the world on fourteenth December?
Ans. – International Monkey Day
Question 7. Which player has won the FIDE World Championship held in Dubai?
Ans. – Magnus Carlsen
Question 8. In which country’s 70th Miss Universe 2021 held in Elliot, India’s Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu has won the Miss Universe title?
Ans. – Israel
Question 9. Western Allies and which nation has reported subsidizing for the development of an undersea link in the Pacific Ocean?
Ans. – Japan
Question 10. In which realm five robot schools will be set up by the focal government?
Ans.- North – Madhya Pradesh

Current Affairs 16 December 2021

Ques 1. Which yearly Dr. Ida S. Scudder Oration Award?
Ans. tenth
Ques 2. Who has dispatched “Conyok 2021-22” in association with Bharti Foundation?
Ans. NITI Aayog
Ques 3. India has welcomed the main boss visitors of what number of Central Asian nations for the Republic Day festivities 2022?
Ans. Five
Ques 4. Who has begun the “Delhi ki Yogshaala” program in Delhi?
Ans. Arvind Kejriwal
Ques 5. Which state government has reported to set up “General Category Commission”?
Ans. Himachal Pradesh
Ques 6. As per the Global Health Security Index 2021, what is the position of India out of 195 nations?
Ans. 66th spot
Ques 7. Which sports player Jhili Dalbehera has won gold award in Commonwealth Championship?
Ans. lifting loads
Ques 8. Who has outperformed Lewis Hamilton to win his first “Equation One” world title at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix?
Ans. Max Verstappen
Ques 9. Which nation has been reappointed to the International Maritime Organization for 2022-2023 under Category B states?
Ans. India
Ques 10. Which nation has turned into the primary country on the planet to have a functioning seven day stretch of four and a half days?
Ans. Joined Arab Emirates

Current Affairs 17 December 2021

Ques 1. Scientists from Kusum School of Biological Sciences of which IIT foundation have fostered a test to identify Omicron in an hour and a half?
Ans. IIT Delhi
Ques 2. In which the province of India, the nation’s first robot reasonable has been coordinated in Gwalior?
Ans. North – Madhya Pradesh
Ques 3. Which e-learning stage has been dispatched by Delhi Police at All India Council for Technical Education Auditorium?
Ans. Unnati
Ques 4. As of late, who has given the endorsement to enlarge the streets to twofold paths for the Char Dham project?
Ans. High Court
Ques 5. Who has as of late been named as the Person of the Year by Time Magazine?
Ans. Elon Musk (Tesla)
Ques 6. Which French extravagance bunch has selected Indian-beginning Lina Nair as its Global significant Executive in London?
Ans. Shanail
Ques 7. By which year New Zealand has announced its country to be a totally sans smoke country?
Ans. 2027
Ques 8. Which day is commended all over India on sixteenth December?
Ans. Vijay Diwas (1971)
Ques 9. Which country has turned into the principal country in the European Union to authorize pot for home and individual use?
Ans. North Malta
Ques 10. Which country’s National Unity Government has formally endorsed the utilization of “tie” cryptographic money?
Ans. North – Myanmar
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