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Ancient and Medieval History Most Important Questions and Answer (10000+ One Liner GK Questions in Hindi PDF)
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10000+ One Liner GK Questions in Hindi PDF

Question– What is the main business of the community known as the plantation in old age? Answer – trade
Question – The word used for the daughter in the Rig Veda is the literal meaning of ‘Dudhta’? Answer -To exploit the cow
Question – Who was the most popular deity of gods in the Sangam era? Answer – Murugan
Question– Which item has been published by Mohammad Tuticor in the metal Was? Answer – in bronze
Question – Who won Gujarat and got involved in the Sultanate? Was it? Answer – Audhin Nakhriji
Question – Amir Khusro is considered the father of which singing class? Answer – kawbhwali sheli ka
Question – After the death of Kabir, where was his burial? Answer – In Maghar
Question – Who has claimed the murder of Abu Fazi in the report of the Act was? Answer – Veer Singh Singh Bunda
Question– Jahangir Nekkas Lakh Guru to give shelter to the rebel Shahzadekhusro Was killed in the war? Answer – Guru Arjun Dev
Question – Which questions were first mentioned by the foreign traveler? answer – Makopio
Question – What was the ancient name of the river Vyavas?
Question – Sixth century BC Where was the capital of Mahavnapada? answer – Kaushambi

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Question– Who was to establish the city named Patliputra? Answer – Technology
Question– Who was the first dynasty of Magadha? Answer –  lineage dynasty
Question – What is Buddhism called Buddhist? Answer –  Aortic Raman
Question – What was the head of Ashtasha at the table called? Answer –  Amir-e-akhur
Question -: The founder of the Krisha Panth and a Dharmacharya ‘Pahu’ has been written by a teacher, Was there? Answer –  Guru Gonwand Singh
Question – Who was the proponent of ‘Navalashka Ta Ditait’? Answer – Ramanujachayana
Question – When was Khanwa’s war? Answer – 1527 AD
Question — Who was the founder of Choivansh? Answer – विजयालय
Question – Which Mughal ruler made ‘Moti Masjid’ in front of the question? was?  Answer –  Shahjahan
Question –  The information was received from Pushpa Yadamatra Sunga in this book. Is it?  Answer –   From the great world



Question – which of the Vedas is the Aitareya Brahmin? Answer   Rigveda
Question -: Who is the author of the book called ‘Dhhstorka’? Answer –  Herodotus
Question – Who are the answers to the above-mentioned results?  Answer –  Bhavbhunat
Question – Which revolution has come to India with Mahmud, ‘Book on Indian Society Wrote a book called ‘Dhanda’? Answer – Alberuni
Question – The Khmer King Nekkus was the Indian King of Siddhamatra? Answer – Rajendra Ist  From
Question – In the question-table, what was ‘haha K-e-shan’t? Answer – irrigation tax

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