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General English Notes PDF For All Competitive Exams

General English Notes PDF For All Competitive Exams:- The present post is connected with the Overall Hindi subject, in this post, we will give you the connection to download a wide range of PDFs connected with the Overall Hindi subject! By tapping on which you will actually want to download them! 

At the present moment, we are giving all the English Grammar Notes for Competitive Exams PDF, SSC English PDF Download, connected with general Hindi subjects here. What’s more, further, all the PDFs connected with general Hindi subjects will come to us, and their connection will likewise be added to this post, so every one of you is mentioned to save this post in the bookmark of your program, and continue to check!
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General English Notes PDF English Question Answer 

1. What is the pronunciation place of tavarga?
(A) Head
(B) Teeth
(C) Lips
(D) Throat
2. What is the pronunciation place of pavarga?
(A) teeth
(B) throat
(C) lips
(D) forehead
3. Where is the pronunciation of Chavarga?
(A) palate
(B) lip
(C) throat
(D) none of these
4. What is a group of characters called?
(A) group words
(B) compound words
(C) alphabet
(D) none of these
5. Which consonant is these three, q, tra, and g?
(A) combined consonant
(B) hot consonant
(C) categorical consonant
(D) none of these
6. What is the word book?
(A) Derivative
(B) Synonym
(C) Native
(D) Foreign
7. What is the word fire?
(A) Synonyms
(B) Derivatives
(C) Native
(D) Foreign
8. What is the word earth?
(A) similar
(B ) similar (
C) indigenous
(D) none of these
9. What is the word table?
(A) Indigenous
(B) Tadbhav
(C) Foreign
(D) None of these
10. What is the word nose?
(A) Yogic
(B) Rudh (
C) Yogarudha
(D) None of these
Question 1- What are the words that end with ‘A’ called?
Answer – It is called Akrant.
Question 2- What are the Ayogvaha characters in the Hindi alphabet?
Answer – Ans, A: Varna is Ayogavaha Varna.
Question 3- The symbol (I) in the swan is called.
Answer – Anuswar
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