Geography Questions For UPSC

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Geography questions for UPSC prelims

Geography Questions For UPSC prelims: In this post we share about Geography Questions For UPSC. All Competitive Exams posing inquiry identified with this theme. It is a most Important point for All tests. This post is likewise helpful for topography inquiries in UPSC prelims, geology inquiries for UPSC mains.

  1. Which country has the highest life expectancy? -> Japan
  2. Which of the countries has the highest percentage of land under cultivation? -> Canada
  3. Where are the ‘Chhatrak’ rocks found in India? -> Thar Desert
  4. What is the Great Coral Bar of Australia located parallel to? -> East Coast
  5. Which is the highest maternal mortality rate in Asia? -> in Bangladesh
  6. Where is Silent Valley located? -> in Kerala
  7. Which one has the world’s largest livestock population? -> India
  8. Which are called ‘Volcano’ ranges? -> Andhra Ocean Zone
  9. Indian desert is called? -> Thar
  10. Which one of the South Asian countries has the highest population density? -> India
  11. Where do Eskimos live? -> Canada and Alaska
  12. Which is the most urbanized continent? -> Europe
  13. Which is called the ‘Shrimp Capital of India’? -> Nellore
  14. In which region are pygmies found? -> Equatorial Forest
  15. What is the capital of East Timor? -> dili
  16. Which tribe does the work of pastoralism? -> Masai
  17. Where is Diu Island? -> out of Gujarat
  18. Is the pygmy resident? -> of Africa
  19. Kariba Dam is situated on which river? -> jambji
  20. Which country is the most urbanized country in South Asia? -> Pakistan
  21. Which state does not share its border with Myanmar? -> Meghalaya
  22. Are there Selva? -> Brazil’s Equatorial Rain Forest
  23. Which state has the longest coastline? -> Gujarat
  24. The tallest volcano in the world is? -> Cotapaxi Mountains
  25. The most densely populated of the SAARC countries? -> Bangladesh
  26. Where is Kangchenjunga located? -> in Sikkim
  27. Which is the most urbanized country in West Asia? -> Qatar
  28. Where is the Sunda Strait located? -> Java and Sumatra
  29. The most densely populated state in India is? -> Bihar
  30. In which river valley is the native tribe of Africa pygmy found? -> Congo will update many more new jobs and study materials and exam updates, keep Visiting and share our post of, So more people will get this. This content and notes are not related to and if you have any objection over this post, content, links, and notes, you can mail us at
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