Indira Gandhi Canal Project

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Indira Gandhi Canal

Nickname- Lifeline of Maru Ganga and Desert.
Introductory name :- Rajasthan Canal.
  • It was name after Indira Gandhi on second November 1984.
  • The underlying draft of this venture was plan by Sardul Singh and the central designer was Kanwar Sen, the underlying expense of this task was assessed at Rs 64 crore.
  • Kanwar Sen arranged the draft of these aggressive designs without precedent for his report “Prerequisite of water in Bikaner state”.
  • In 1953, the primary report of the undertaking was ready by the Central Irrigation and Shipping Commission, which was endorse by the World Bank. This venture was beginning on 31 March 1958 by the then Home Minister Govind Vallabh Pant.
  • Rajasthan Canal Board was framed on nineteenth December 1958 and Kanwar Sen was made its first executive.
  • On October 11, 1961, Dr. Radhakrishnan, the then Vice President of India, begun this undertaking by streaming water in Naurangadesar distributary of Rawatsar branch.

Note: – In this undertaking, branches were proposed to be developed for water dissemination, however lift project was not proposed to be built. Without precedent for the year 1963, the lift project was additionally remembered for the draft of this task. In 1968, crafted by the principal lift trench of this task, Kanwar Sen Lift Canal, begun.

  • Water system Area Development Program was beginning in 1974 for the improvement of inundated region in this undertaking.
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Canal Pattern

  • Indira Gandhi Canal starts from Harike Barrage Ferozepur, Punjab arranged at the juncture of Beas and Sutlej stream. The absolute length of this waterway is 649 km. (Harike Barrage from Ferozepur (Punjab) to Mohangarh (Jaisalmer))
  • It has a length of 204 km Rajasthan feeder. Which is from Harike blast to Masitavali (Hanumangarh).

Note: – There is Rajasthan Main Canal from Masitawali to Mohangarh (Jaisalmer) which is 445 km long. The end point (Zero Point) of Indira Gandhi Canal Project is Gadra Road Barmer (Zero Point) Gadra Road Barmer. A sub-part of Baba Ramdevra has been taken out from Mohangarh (Jaisalmer).

Rajasthan Feeder supplies water to the Rajasthan Canal. The length of Rajasthan feeder is 204 kilometer whose division is as per the following –
  1. 34 kms in Rajasthan
    19 kms in Haryana
    51 kms in Punjab
9 branches were build for water circulation in Indira Gandhi Canal –
1. Rawatsar Branch
2. Pugal Branch
3. Sagarmal Gopa Branch
4. Anupgarh Branch
5. Chaaran vala Branch
6. Dator Vala Branch
7. Suratgarh Branch
8. Raja Birbalram Branch
9. Barsalpur Branch
Lift Canal Scheme in Irrigation, Water Drinking and Management of Water in Rajasthan: A Glance:-

Name of Lift Canal Scheme – District

1. Kolayat Lift Canal Scheme – Bikaner
2.Gajner Lift Canal Scheme – Bikaner
3.Bagdsar Lift Canal Scheme – Bikaner
4.Pokaran Lift Canal Scheme – Jaisalmer
5.Phalodi Lift Canal Scheme – Jodhpur
6.Gandeli-Sehwa Lift Canal Scheme – Churu
7.Barkatulla Khan Lift Canal Scheme (Gadar Road Branch) – BarmerI will update many more new jobs and study materials and exam updates, keep Visiting and share our post of, So more people will get this. This content and notes are not related to and if you have any objection over this post, content, links, and notes, you can mail us at
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