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Input and Output devices

Input and Output devices: computer system is based on the combined use of both input and output devices. By using an input device we can instruct the computer to perform an action and through an output device comes back to our action.

Output Device Definition : A piece of equipment/hardware that returns the result of the input entered, once processed is called an output device. For example printer, monitor etc.
Definition of Input Device : A piece of equipment/hardware that helps us to enter data into a computer is called an input device. For example keyboard, mouse etc.

list of output devices

Commonly used output devices are listed below along with a brief summary of what their function is and how they can be used.
Printer : A device which usually copies pictorial or text material on a paper is called printer.
For example, an author types up the entire book on his computer and then prints it out, which is in paper form and later published.
There are many types of printers also available in the market, which can serve different purposes.
Monitor : The device which displays all the icons, text, images etc. on the screen is called monitor. When we ask the computer to perform an action, the result of that action is displayed on the monitor. Various types of monitors have also been developed over the years.
Speaker : A device through which we can hear sound as a result of what we command the computer to do is called speaker.  Speakers are attached to the computer system and are also a hardware device that can be connected separately With advances in technology, speakers are now available that are wireless and can be connected using Bluetooth or other applications.
Input and Output devices
Headphones : They work similar to speakers, the only difference is the frequency of the sound.
Using speakers, sound can be heard over a large area and by using headphones, the sound is audible only to the person using them Also known as earphones or headset To know more about computer fundamentals, candidates can visit the linked article.

list of input devices

Below is a list of the most common input devices with brief information about each of them.
Mouse : Using mouse we can directly click on various icons present on the system and open various files and programs A mouse has 3 buttons on the top and a trackball at the bottom which helps in selecting and rotating the mouse respectively In case of laptops, the mouse is replaced with a touch pad which helps in the movement of the mouse pointer.
Keyboard : A simple device consisting of keys and each key representing either an alphabet, number or number command that can be given to the computer to perform various actions.
It has a modified version of the typewriter keys. Keyboard is an essential input device and both computer and laptop use keyboard to give commands to the computer. input and output devices of computer
Scanner : This device can scan image or text and convert it into digital signal When we place a piece of a document on a scanner, it converts it into a digital signal and displays it on the  computer screen.
Joy stick : It is a device consisting of a stick that is attached to the base at an angle so that it can be moved and controlled Mostly used to control movement in video games Apart from computer systems, joysticks are also used in airplane cockpits, to operate wheelchairs, cranes, trucks, etc.


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