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One-Word Substitution related to Types of Fear

One-Word Substitution related to Types of Fear
One Word Substitution Phrases
Ecophobia Fear of home surroundings
Zoophobia Fear of animals
Claustrophobia Fear of closed space
Hydrophobia Fear of Water
Bibliophobia Fear of books
Xenophobia Fear or dislike of foreigners
Necrophobia Fear of dead body
Aerophobia Fear of height
Ophiophobia Fear of snakes
Syngenesophobia Fear of relatives
Nomophobia Fear of being without your mobile phone

One Word Substitution related to Manias & Killing 

One Word Substitution related to Manias & Killing 

One Word Substitution Phrase
Mariticide The killing of one’s husband
Parricide The killing of parents
Genocide The killing of a whole race
Infanticide The killing of a newborn child
Regicide The killing of a king
Homicide The killing of a human being
Suicide The killing of oneself
Patricide The killing of a father
Matricide The killing of a mother
Fratricide The killing of one’s brother
Sororicide The killing of one’s sister
Uxoricide The killing of one’s wife
Dipsomania The morbid compulsion to keep on consuming alcohol
Kleptomania The morbid compulsion to steal
Bibliokleptomania The morbid compulsion to steal books
Pyromania The morbid compulsion to start a fire
Megalomania Morbid delusion of power, importance, or godliness
Nymphomania Morbid, uncontrollable desire on the part of a woman
Satyromania Morbid, the part of a man on desire uncontrollable 
Monomania A person with a one-track mind
Mythomania The compulsion to tell lies
Mania Madness with an obsession with something

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