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One Word Substitution related to Study Part – 1

One-Word Substitution related to Study:- One of the most important vocabulary topics is one-word substitution. Questions based on this idea require you to substitute a suitable word for a given sentence, as the name suggests. One-word substitution is an important English language idea because it makes communication much easier, more clear, and more concise. 

One-Word Substitution questions are those in which a single word that sums up the entire sentence or phrase is used in its place. The sentence structure is more precise when a single word is substituted. Numerous national-level exams, including the SSC CGL, SSC CSHL, UPSC, Defence Exams, and other competitive exams, frequently feature one-word substitution questions. Framing sentences or visualizing the words through an engaging story is the most effective method for understanding the concept of one-word substitution.
Examples of one-word substitution Let’s examine one-word substitution using the following examples: 
  • This person despises humanity: This individual is a miser.
  • Her younger son has a severe apprehension of dogs: Her son is cynical.
  • The study of ancient things interests me: My field of study is archaeology.
  • That young man maintains a very reserved and conservative demeanor: That young man is shy.
  • She is someone who presents an idea that she does not hold herself to: She is dishonest.

List of One-Word Substitutions

The categories of One Word Substitution in English Grammar can be categorized into the following- 
  1. Study-related
  2. Types of Fear
  3. Terms-related
  4. Group/Collection
  5. Likes/Dislikes
  6. Government/Political Systems-related
  7. People/Person
  8. Profession/Occupation
  9. Science/Research
  10. Killing/Death-related
  11. Sound/Event/Spots
Improve your vocabulary by learning the One Word Substitution for each category in the section below.

Study-related One-word substitutions

One Word Substitution related to Study
S. R. No.  One Word Substitution Phrases
1 Aviation Study of flying airplanes
2 Astronomy Study of celestial bodies
3 Alchemy The philosopher’s stone and the ancient search for a universal cure
Chemistry as taught in the Middle Ages
4 Acoustics Study of sound/sound waves
5 Anthropology The study of how people changed over time
6 Astronomy Study of Stars
7 Botany The study of plants
8 Biology Study of Living Things
9 Calligraphy Art related to ornate, good handwriting
10 Chronology The science of time order
11 Demography The study of statistics
12 Entomology Study of science of insects
13 Ecology Study of the relationship between the organism and their environment
14 Genetics study of genes, inheritance, and variation in living things
15 Geology The study of rocks and soil
16 Geography Mapping of its formation and earth 
17 Graphology Study of handwriting
18 Gerontology Study of various aspects of aging
19 Hydraulics investigation of the flow of water and other liquids’ laws
20 Lexicography The practice of writing dictionaries
21 Numismatics Examine the coin, token, and paper money collections.
22 Ornithology Study of birds
23 Philology The study of languages
24 Paleography The study of ancient writing and scriptures
25 Psychology The study of the Human Mind
26 Psephology Study of election trends
27 Theology Study of religion