Static Gk PDF in Hindi 2021 Latest Static GK For All Govt Exams

Static Gk PDF in Hindi 2021 Updated Static GK Gk PDF in Hindi 2021,
Static Gk PDF in Hindi 2021 Updated Static GK Gk PDF in Hindi 2021,

Static Gk PDF in Hindi 2021 Updated Static GK For All Competitive Exams

Static Gk PDF in Hindi 2021 : Static Gk Series is intended for those understudies who are getting ready for government test and need to score more in GA, GS, and current undertakings area like in test bank. Protection | Railway | SSC | DRDO MTS | UPSC and so forth

In this series, we will cover every one of the subjects of Static GK which is significant for impending test. To fortify your Static GK area then, at that point, practice this part well

Static Gk PDF in Hindi 2021 Static Gk (Overview)

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Subject Wise Updated Static GK PDF

List for All Competitive Exams and Subject Wise Complete Static GK PDF Updated for Aspirants planning for any cutthroat test can utilize it. You can download the Topic-Wise Complete Static GK PDF given beneath
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Additionally Check Static GK in English –

Best 100 Most Static GK One Liner Questions for 2021 Exam

1. Where did Lord Buddha achieve illumination? Bodhgaya
2. Who established Arya Samaj? Master Dayanand
3. What is the content of Punjabi language? Gurmukhi
4. Which is the southernmost edge of the central area of India? Kanyakumari
5. In which express the sun rises first in Quite a while? Arunachal Pradesh
6. Insulin is utilized in the treatment of which infection? diabetes
7. Bihu is the renowned celebration of which state? Assam
8. Which nutrient is found in bounty in Amla? Nutrient C
9. Who was the main Governor General of India? William Bentinck
10. In which nation was paper designed? China
11. What was the youth name of Gautam Buddha? Siddhartha
12. Who is the incomparable authority of the military in India? President
13. Night visual impairment is brought about by the inadequacy of which nutrient? Nutrient A
14. Pongal is the celebration of which state? Tamil Nadu
15. Giddha and Bhangra are society moves of which state? Punjab
16. Who developed the TV? John Logie Baird
17. Who was the primary lady leader of India? Razia Sultan Quiz Questions
18. With whose help does the fish relax? gills
19. Who gave the motto ‘Inquilab Zindabad’? Bhagat Singh
20. When and where did the Jallianwala Bagh slaughter occur? 1919 AD Amritsar
21. Which party was established by Subhash Chandra Bose in the wake of leaving the Congress in 1939? forward block
22. Who is known as ‘Punjab Kesari’? Lala Lajpat Rai
23. Who killed Saunders? Bhagat Singh
24. Who gave his penance first in the defiance of 1857 AD? Mangal Pandey
25. Who was the principal lady legislative leader of India? Sarojini Naidu
26. Who was the primary lady to climb Mount Everest twice? Santosh Yadav
27. By whom was the ‘Brahma Samaj’ established? Raja Ram Mohan Roy
28. What was the first name of Swami Dayanand Saraswati? moolshankar
29. Who gave the motto ‘Vedas ki paddle loton’? Dayanand Saraswati
30. Who established the ‘Ramakrishna Mission’? Master Vivekananda
31. Which Year Vasco da Gama come to India? 1498 AD
32. Where was Vasco da Gama from? Portugal
33. Where is Hawa Mahal arranged? Jaipur
34. Which Sikh Guru is viewed as the organizer of Sikhism? Master Nanak
35. Which is the principle celebration of Sikhs? bolsters
36. Which incredible man is called ‘Iron Man’? Sardar Patel
37. Which incredible man is called Netaji? Subhash Chandra Bose
38. What is the name of the Samadhi of Lal Bahadur Shastri in Delhi? Vijay Ghat
39. Who is the creator of Mahabharata? Maharishi Ved Vyas
40. Who composed the book called Arthashastra? Chanakya (Kautilya)
41. Who gave the trademark ‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan’? Lal Bahadur Shastri
42. Who was the extremely durable leader of the Constituent Assembly? Dr. Rajendra Prasad
43. Who was the administrator of the Drafting Committee of the Constituent Assembly? Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar
44. World ‘Red Cross Day’ is praised on which date? May 8
45. Which nation is popular by the name of ‘Dawn Ka Desh’? Japan
46. ​​International Women’s Day is commended on which date? Walk 8
47. Which is the littlest state in India as far as region? Goa
48. Onam is the well known celebration of which state? Kerala
49. When did Delhi turn into the capital of India? 1911
50. Which is the most brilliant planet? Vesper
51. Which is the public creature of India? Tiger
52. Which is the public bird of India? Pikcoc
53. Which is the public sea-going creature of India? Ganges Dolphin
54. Which is the public product of India? Mango
55. Which is the public bloom of India? Lotus
56. Which is the public tree of India? Banyan
57. Which is the public game of India? Hockey
58. What is the proportion between the length and width of the public banner of India? 3:2
59. Who composed the public hymn of India? Rabindranath tagore
60. Which is the public hymn of India? vande mataram
61. Who has composed the public hymn of India? bankim chandra chatterjee
62. Who initially called Mahatma Gandhi the Father of the Nation? Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
63. What is our public schedule? Shaka time
64. What is the length of singing the public song of praise? 52 seconds
65. Who found radioactivity? by Henry Becquerel
66. Pace creator is identified with what part of the body? Heart
67. Which organ of the human body is called ‘ace organ’? pituitary organ
68. Which is the most perfect type of carbon? Precious stone
69. Who concocted X-beam? rantzen
70. Which metal was first utilized by man? Copper
71. How does the external sky appear to the space explorer? Dark
72. Who concocted the telescope? by galileo
73. What is the name of the Samadhi of Mahatma Gandhi in Delhi? Raj Ghat
74. From where to where did the first train run in Quite a while? From Bombay (Present Mumbai) to Thane
75. In which city was the metro rail administration began without precedent for India? Kolkata
76. In which year was the railroad begun in India? 1853
77. Who was the main Indian space traveler? Group Leader Rakesh Sharma, in 1984
78. Who was the main lady Chief Minister of India? Mrs. Sucheta Kriplani
79. Who was the primary Chief Minister of Haryana? Pt. Bhagwat Dayal Sharma
80. When was the United Nations Organization set up? 24 October 1945
81. Where is the central command of United Nations Organization found? New York
82. Who was the main Secretary General of the United Nations Organization? trigeveli
83. As of now, what number of nations are individuals from the United Nations Organization? 193
84. What number of nations are individuals from the United Nations Security Council? 15
85. What number of nations are super durable individuals from the United Nations Security Council? 5
86. Where is the International Court of Justice found? in The Hague, Holland
87. Who is the current Secretary General of United Nations Organization? Boycott ki-moon
88. Who was the Indian who gave discourse in Hindi in the United Nations General Assembly? Atal Bihari Vajpayee
89. For how long are the non-extremely durable individuals from the United Nations Security Council chose? 2 years
90. Which nation turned into the 193rd individual from the United Nations? South Sudan
91. Insufficiency of which nutrient doesn’t stop the coagulating of blood? Nutrient K
92. When is Hindi Day celebrated? 14 September Quiz Questions
93. By which article of the constitution Hindi was announced as the public language? Article 343
94. Who is the main Indian to win a gold award in the singles occasion of the Olympic Games? Abhinav Bindra
95. Later how long the Olympic Games are held? 4 years
96. Where were the Olympic Games held in 2016? Rio de Janeiro
97. When is International Human Rights Day celebrated? 10 December
98. Which variety of bison of Haryana is popular? murrah
99. Where is the well known Sheetla Mata Temple found? Gurgaon
100. Who shaped the Vishal Haryana Party? Rao Virendra Singh

What is Static G What is Static K-GK?

Static GK implies General Knowledge which doesn’t change with time and stays same as National Animal, National Park, Indian Temple or Flower India. Static GK is essential for General Knowledge which is truth based, whose information never changes like List of Presidents of India, Stadiums in India, Banking Acts and Reforms and so on

Significant of Static GK In Competitive Exam

Learning Static GK assists with scoring admirably in the test as the inquiries posed are verifiable and direct. It helps in leisure time while planning for the test and up-and-comers can use that opportunity to anticipate the troublesome areas.
Significant Syllabus of Exam for Higher Presentations isn’t simply identified with Current Affairs and Static GK Questions, yet in addition remaining with the most recent with Static GK helps the applicants sail effectively in their meeting adjusts.
Remembering this, we have recorded some significant Static GK PDFs that you can recollect while planning for any cutthroat test. will update many more new jobs and study materials and exam updates, keep Visiting, and share our post of, So more people will get this. This content and notes are not related to and if you have any objection over this post, content, links, and notes, you can mail us at
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