Assam GK questions 2023

Assam GK questions and answers 2023 | 100+ General Knowledge On Assam 2023
Assam GK questions and answers 2023 | 100+ General Knowledge On Assam 2023

Assam GK questions and answers 2023 | 100+ General Knowledge On Assam 2023 Part – 2

Assam GK questions 2023 | 100+ General Knowledge On Assam 2023: The Indian state of Assam is well-known for its Assam Silk and Assam Tea. Find out more fascinating facts about Assam in this article. The entire set of over 100+ Assam GK questions and answers for the year 2023 can be found below. This section will continue to be updated with General Knowledge Questions 2023 – Assam.

Assam GK questions 2023: In our section on “Overall information questions and answers” for Assam, we focus on the state’s history, geography, socioeconomics, government and legislative issues, education, economy, and culture, among other things.

Assam GK questions 2023 

100+ General Knowledge On Assam 2023

151. Where could the Origination of the Brahmaputra Stream be?

Answer: Himalayas.

152. Who was Independent Assam’s first governor?

Answer: Hydari, Sir Muhammad Saleh Akbar

153. Who was the first woman from Assam to graduate?

Answer: Dowarah Sudhalat.

154. What is the name of the well known celebration of Assam?

Answer: Festival Bihu.

155. The Assamese traditional sweet is known by what name?

Answer: Pitha.

156. Who from Assam has been chosen to receive the “Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bal Puraskar” in the Art and Culture 2021 category?

Answer: Samaddar, Tanuj.

157. Which part of town is Manas National Park in?

Answer: Chirang Region and Baksa Locale.

158. Which region is Tezpur situated ready?

Answer: District of Sonitpur.

159. When did the Sivasagar District become Jorhat?

Answer: 1983.

160. When did IIT Guwahati begin operations?

Answer: 1994.

161. Who is the longest-serving Boss Clergyman of Assam?

Answer: Tarun Gogoi is 15 years old and 7 days.

162. Who was the Bharatiya Janata Party’s first Assamese chief minister?

Answer: Sonowal, Sarbananda.

163. When did Himanta Sarma take the oath of office as Assam’s Chief Minister?

Answer: 10 May 2021.

164. Who is Assam’s Chief Minister with the shortest tenure?

Answer: Barman, Bhumidhar (22 Days).

165. Which ideological group does Akhil Gogoi have a place with?

Answer: Asom Gana Mukti Sangram

166. On June 7, 2021, which two Assam parks were designated as national parks?

Answer: Dehing Patkai National Park and Raimona National Park.

167. After the addition of two parks on June 7, 2021, how many national parks will Assam have in total?

Answer: Seven National Parks

168. Who is the Assamese Union Cabinet Minister who was recently elected?

Answer: Sonowal, Sarbananda.

169. Which is Mr. Sarbananda Sonowal’s portfolio?

Answer: 1) The Ministry of Waterways, Shipping, and Ports.

2) AYUSH’s ministry.

170. Who is the Pastor of Sports and Youth Government assistance of Assam?

Answer: Bora Bimal.

171. What year did the Bodoland Territorial Region begin to exist?

Answer: February 9, 2003

172. What number of districts are included in the Bodoland Territorial Region?

Answer: 4 (Four).

173. Who is Bodoland Territorial Region’s CEO?

Answer: Pramod Boro.

174. How big is the Bodoland Territorial Region as a whole?

Answer: 9,612 km2.

175. How many Dima Hasao Autonomous Council constituencies do they cover?

Answer: 28.