Biography of Bhamashah in Short Notes In Hindi


Bhamashah Biography – Biography of Bhamashah in Hindi

Bhamashah Biography – Biography of Bhamashah in Hindi :- Bhamashah (1542 – circa 1598) was a friend, ally and trusted advisor of King Maharana Pratap of Mewar from childhood. Considering Aparigraha as the basic mantra of life, you were always in the forefront of awakening the consciousness of staying away from the tendency to collect. There was immense love for the mother-land and the name Bhamashah is immortal in history for charity.

Danveer Bhamashah was born in the Mewar state of Rajasthan on 29 April 1547 in Jainism. Bhamashah’s loyal support proved to be important and decisive in the life of Maharana Pratap. For the protection of mother-land, even after Maharana Pratap had become home, he devoted his entire wealth, considering his goal as paramount. This support was given when Maharana Pratap was wandering hiding in the hills with his family in despair in his attempt to maintain his existence. To protect the identity of Mewar, the temptation of the Delhi throne was also rejected. His all possible help given to Maharana Pratap gave a new direction to the self-respect and struggle of Mewar.
Bhamashah became immortal in history due to his charity. The cooperation of Bhamashah gave Maharana Pratap the direction of struggle, while Mewar also got self-respect. It is said that when Maharana Pratap was wandering in the forests with his family, Bhamashah dedicated all his deposits to Maharana. Then the episodes of Bhamashah’s charity were heard and recited with great enthusiasm in the surrounding areas.
For Maharana Pratap, who was defeated in the battle of Haldi Ghati, he had donated so much money in his personal property that 25000 soldiers could be subsistence for twelve years. With the help got, new excitement was produced in Maharana Pratap and he was again an able counselor, hero, ruler and manager alongside Bhamashah Danveer.Maharana Pratap had lost the battle of Haldighati (June 18, 1576 AD), but even after this his attacks on the Mughals continued. Gradually some area of ​​Mewar started coming under the possession of Maharana Pratap. But without a large army it was difficult to continue the war against the mighty Mughal army.
The formation of the army was not possible without money. Rana thought that whatever the struggle was, it was fine. If it goes on like this for a few more days, then it is possible that the Mughals can capture the conquered areas again. Therefore, by handing over the command to his trusted chieftains, he thought of marching towards Gujarat in 1578 AD. Pratap was about to leave Mewar with some of his selected companions when his old friend and city Seth Bhamashah appeared there.

Wealth – wealth of charity

In Indian history, the name of Danveer Bhamashah, the founder of Mewar, is taken with great pride. With Bhamashah loyal and generous – were disciples ardent devotee of Jainism as well. For Maharana Pratap, who was defeated in the battle of Haldi Ghati, he had donated so much money in his personal property that 25000 soldiers could be subsistence for twelve years. With the cooperation received, new enthusiasm was generated in Maharana Pratap and he again organized military power and defeated the Mughal rulers and again got the kingdom of Mewar. Bhamashah’s life span was 52 years.
In Udaipur, Rajasthan, the tomb of Bhamashah has been built in the middle of the tomb of the kings. In honor of Jain Mahavibhuti Bhamashah, a postage stamp of Rs.3 was issued on 31.12.2000.
Bhamashah ‘s loyal support Maharana Pratap the life in of important and decisive proved be to . Mewar of the old minister said his life in a lot of property earned the week. Mother – Land of Defense ‘s for Maharana Pratap of everything from home to go to after one of his goals as paramount as the Bhamashah of its entire wealth – property they pay taxes reported. That his entire estate to with majesty of service in the presence of and with them Mewar to deliver the solicitation of. Considered is that that this property so much was that her years to 25,000 soldiers of the cost to complete the going might have had.
Maharana Pratap ‘ Haldighati of War “(L8 Jun , L576 e .) Defeat has had , but also after the Mughals in their invasion release were. Slowly – slowly Mewar of very large area Maharana Pratap of possession in the beginning was. Maharana of power increase was , however, no large army of powerful Mughal army ‘s against the war continues to tough it was. Army of formation without wealth of possible not was. Rana had thought as struggling to repay , he just as I am. If this type something and day out , it is possible to live in areas at again by Mughal captured by bike. So he ‘s in command of his trusted officers to hand over the state of the journey to the idea did. There went again to force the formation of a post full power of with the Mughals from Mewar to independently get the idea he has. Pratap its few select partners to bring Mewar from departure to the hotel was that there on the Old Treasury Minister Nagar Seth Bhamashah present was. will update many more new jobs and study materials and exam updates, keep Visiting and share our post of, So more people will get this. This content and notes are not related to and if you have any objection over this post, content, links, and notes, you can mail us at
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