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Bhamashah Biography In Hindi – Biography of Bhamashah

Hello friends, welcome to our article today, today we are we are going to Bhamashah Biography in Hindi, going to tell tell the life introduction of the biggest and great donor of great India.

Not only in India, but his name still echoes in the pages of the history of the whole world and in the hearts of the people. It is said that he was the best friend of Maha Rana Pratap, because of this Bhamashah always served his motherland. Bhamashah has become immortal in history due to being a philanthropist. Today we bring to bhamashah kis jati ke the , bhamashah meaning in hind and bhamashah ki haveli you the information of . The running in the present time Bhamashah car d government has been named for the memory of this great donor.

Bhamashah is such a person in the world who is still settled in the hearts of the people, Bhamashah had spent his whole life serving his motherland. He was such a great philanthropist that he is being called as Karna, the son of the sun of Mahabharata. The history of Bhamashah and the information about Bhamashah biography is going to be found in this post, so let’s start.

Bhamashah Biography In Hindi –








Full Name Bhamashah Bharmal
Birth 29 April 1547
place of birth Mewar, Rajasthan, India
Mother Mrs. Kapoor Devi
Father bharmal
Death 1599 


Biography of Bhamashah

In the Mewar state Bhamsha was born on 29 April 1547 in Rajasthan. Bhamashah’s father was appointed by Rana Saga as the fortress of the fort of Nanthambore, later on he was also the Prime Minister of Rana Udai Singh. Bhamashah was one such donor. Who is placed with Surya’s son Karna. For example, whatever brahmin near Karna, Karna used to give it to him while asking for alms. Similarly, Bhamshah used to donate to all the people out of his property.

Bhamashah had sacrificed all his wealth for his country. Even today, Danveer was one of them in the whole world. Which even today is worshiped by calling those Danveer Bhamashah.

Danveer Bhamashah – Bhamashah

When at one time Maharana Pratap lost his fort. At this time Maharana Pratap was roaming in the hills with his family. Then Bhamashah gave all his wealth to Maharana Pratap to protect his motherland. organized

And trained them in the jungle, after this, after the army was fully prepared, Maharana Pratap again attacked his lost state and defeated the Mughals and took it back. After Bhamashah gave all his wealth to Maharana Pratap, Maharana Pratap took back his fort. In the meantime, Bhamashah settled in the hearts of people in the form of a donor in life. Bhamashah became immortal in history due to this charity.

Bhamashah Jayanti – (Bhamashah Jayanti)

April 29, the birth anniversary of a great donor Bhamashah, till Maharana Pratap is immortal, Bhamashah whose donation has protected religion and Bhamashah Jayati comes once in a year. Bhamashah birth anniversary is celebrated in 1599 AD.

Biography of Bhamashah and Maharana

Bhamashah has been coaxing Maharana Pratap’s best friend and friend Vishwas Patra since childhood. It is said so. That Bhamashah had a large amount of wealth, which Bhamashah had given all his wealth to Maharana Pratap. Some believe in history as well. The property that Bhamashah had. That property belonged to Maharana Pratap, that property was not his personal property, that property was Mewar’s queen.

Today, the name of Bhamashah has been recorded in history with Maharana Pratap in the same way as Hanumaji was with Shri Ram. By the way, Bhamashah and Maharana Pratap have been recorded. Bhamashah’s family was Kavadia Oswal Jain. Whose first mention is found in the battle of Haldighati.

Help of Bhamashah’s family in Haldighati war

In the Battle of Haldighati, Bhamashah and his brother Tarachand were in the right pars of the Mewari army. This was the first attack on the Mughlai army by Pars. With whose speed, the Baxika and Haraval of the Mughlai army had fled from the Mughlai army. After the Battle of Haldighati, Bhamashah led the army of Mewar several times.

The treasury of Gujarat Malwa and Malpura was plundered for the attainment of independence. After this Bhamashah also got the throne of Delhi but Bhamashah had rejected the throne of Delhi to protect his motherland of Mewar.

Battle of Haldighati 18 June AD 1576 –

The Haldighati war is still bright in the pages of history towards Rana Pratap. Battle of Haldighati Rana Pratap had lost the Haldighati battle on 18 June AD 1576. After losing the war, Rana Pratap wanted to keep his family alive to save his existence. They were roaming in the hills in Jaglo with them. After losing the war, Rana Pratap was thinking that now I do not have any wealth, now how is the army organized without money.

After this, he was thinking that it was good that the struggle that continued, if it continues like this, then the Mughlai army should be able to capture the areas even after winning back, just by sleeping the warlords of their areas to go to Gujarat. did something. At the same time, the old treasurer Matri Bhamashah appeared before him and he praises Mewar’s copy. And Bhamashah speaks

“Mewar Dhani is the dam of his God”
“Turn towards Mewar. ,
“Mewari land is terrorized by the slavery of Mughals”

Save him –

After saying this, he introduces Parthabhil, who came with Bhamashah, to Maharana Pratap. And it tells how the custom has protected this secret treasure of the ancestors by putting their lives at stake. Today they themselves have brought this treasure, this wealth is not mine.

This treasure is the worship of the ancestors, if Mewar remains independent, then you will receive this money again and protect Mewar. At this time Bhamashah gave 25 lakhs to Maharana Pratap and 20,000 to Ashrafi Rana, after that what is Maharana Pratap called.

  • Bhama jug jug simarsi, aaj karyo upagar.
    Paratha, Punja, Pithala, Uyo Paratap are four.
  • Means “It is Bhamashah. The favor you have done today will be remembered for ages.
    This Paratha, Punja, Pithal and Mein Pratap are one in spite of having four bodies. Our resolve is the same.

Bhamshah and Rana Pratap –

Seeing the devotion and honesty of Bhamshah and Purta Bhil, Rana Pratap’s mind also became Dravidian, he became emotional, his tears flowed and Rana Pratap embraced them both. Maharana Pratap says that today with sons like you. Because Mewar is alive. Maharana and Mewar will remember your favor, I am proud of you.

With this money, Maharana Pratap kept on fighting continuously from AD 1578 to 1590 and kept on fighting in secret wars and winning the war. From AD 1591 to 1596, it is said to be the time of extreme Uchar Sika for Maharana O of Mewar and Mewar. Is. Maharana Pratap died after 1 year of this. When Maharana Pratap died, there were tears in Akbar’s eyes too.

Death of Bhamashah – (Bhamashah Death)

Bhamashah died in 1599 AD at the age of 52, two years after the death of Maharana Pratap in 1597.

Interesting facts of Bhamashah –

  • The great patriot, Danveer, the savior of Mewar, the exclusive servant of the mother-land, was an integral friend, ally and trusted advisor of Maharana Pratap.
  • At that time Bhamashah gave 25 lakh rupees and 20,000 Asharfi to Maharana Pratap for the protection of Mewar.
  • The name of Bhamashah has been recorded in history with Maharana Pratap in the same way as Hanumaji was with Shri Ram. By the way, Bhamashah and Maharana Pratap have been recorded.
  • With the money Bhama Shah was giving, twenty thousand soldiers could be given a salary of up to 14 years. Seeing the sacrifice and wealth of Bhama Shah, the feudal lords present were stunned. Maharana Pratap was stunned to see Bhamashah’s sacrifice and self-respect.
  • Bhamashah had sacrificed all his wealth for his country. Even today, Danveer was one of them in the whole world.

Some questions from Bhamashah –

1. Who was Bhamashah?

Bhamashah was a great philanthropist and general minister and advisor of Mewar. Maharana had become the Prime Minister of Mewar State.

2. What is the full name of Bhamashah?

Danveer is the full name of Bhamashah Bharmal.

3. Bhamashah belonged to which caste?

Some people call Bhamashah as Agarwal Bania.

4. What was the name of Bhamashah’s parents?

Bhamashah’s father’s name was Bharmal and mother’s name was Mrs. Kapoor Devi.

5. Who used to describe his qualities as Bhamashah?

Bhamashah had served as a close aide and confidante. Many wars have also been fought for the state of Mewar.

6. Who is called Bhamashah of Rajasthan

Bhamashah was a friend, ally and trusted advisor of King Maharana Pratap of Mewar since childhood.

7. When was Bhamashah born?

Bhamashah was born on 28 June 1547.

8. What was the name of Bhamashah’s father?

Bhamashah’s father’s name is Bharmal.

9. Who is called Bhamashah of Mewar?

Danveer Bhamashah is called Bhamashah of Mewar.

10. When did Bhamashah die?

Bhamashah died in AD 1599 at the age of 52.

Conclusion –

Later this, he was believing that it was great that the battle that proceeded, assuming it proceeds with this way, then, at that point, the Mughlai armed force ought to have the option to catch the regions even in the wake of winning back, just by resting the warlords of their spaces to go to Gujarat. accomplished something. Simultaneously, the old financial officer Matri Bhamashah showed up before him and he applauds Mewar’s duplicate. What’s more Bhamashah talks will update many more new jobs and study materials and exam updates, keep Visiting and share our post of, So more people will get this. This content and notes are not related to and if you have any objection over this post, content, links, and notes, you can mail us at
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