Computer One Line Questions And Answers Part 2

Interesting Facts About Computers, GKDUNIYA.IN
Interesting Facts About Computers, GKDUNIYA.IN

Computer One Line Questions And Answers Part 2

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Most Important One Line Questions And Answers Part 2


51. CU What is the full form of
Answer: – Control Unit
52. The place in the computer where all information, data, and instructions are stored is called ……………………….
Answer: – Memory
53. In which part is the arithmetic functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) and logical operations performed in the computer?
Answer: A. L. U.
54. Which devices are not input devices?
Answer: – Plotter
55. …………………………. Commu …… memory of tur is also called.
Answer: – Memory
56. Which of the following is not a type of memory.
Answer: – Motherboard
57. REM has a full form.
Answer: – Random access memory
58. Rom has a full form.
Answer: – a) Read-only memory
59. Full form of P. ROM is ……………………… …
Answer: – Programmable read-only memory
60. The full form of EP ROM is …………………………….
Answer: – erasable programmable read-only memory
61. The full form of EEP ROM is ………………………….
Answer: – Electrical erasable programmable read-only memory
62. Which of these memory is also known as auxiliary memory.
Answer: – Secondary memory
63. Which of this memory is Astafai memory.
Answer: – Random access memory
64. Which of this memory are permanent memory.
Answer: – Read-only memory
65. IBM, which has recently introduced the world’s fastest microprocessor in India, is the flagship of the information and technology sector –
Answer: – Dualcore Power Six.
66. Which software was developed by the Center for Development Advance Computer Ting (C-Tech) of the Ministry of Information Technology of India and the FTF (FTF) Technologies of Israel to work in the Hindi language in the field of information technology is?
Answer: – Creation
67. When was the National Informatics Center established?
Answer: – 1987
68. Where is the Silicon Valley of India located?
Answer: – Bengaluru
69. What is meant by VSNL?
Answer: – Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited
70. SMS means-
Answer: – Short messaging service 

71. The following types of frequency C range are used in satellite communication-
Answer: – GHz
72. The major information system that depends on different levels of an organization is –
Answer: – Transaction Processing System, Management, Information System and Decision Support System.
73. The communicator has created a new branch of knowledge by stimulating the intellectual capacity of human beings, which is called –
Answer: – Information Technology
74. Low-cost personal communicator is an option by information technology experts of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore –
Answer: – Birkin Chip
75. The technique term which refers to the ability of a communication medium to provide information is called –
Answer: – Bandwidth
76. A wireless communication agency through which it is possible to exchange information with the help of various digital devices –
Answer: – Brandband
77. The technique used for obtaining various types of information is called –
Answer: – Information technology.
78. Which is not an information technology terminology –
Answer: – Prakash Bhanda-Ran
79. ASCII code is: –
Answer: – American standard code for information exchange (American Standard Code for Information Interchange)
80. Which is the physical path through which a message is transmitted (speed)?
Answer: – Signal
81. Examples of simplex communication are ……………….
Answer: – Keyboard and traditional monitor
82. In Half Duplexum Communication, ………………..
Answer: – Both parties can transmit but. Not at the same time
83. In which of these channels, the message flows in both directions, but never at a time?
Answer: – Half duple cursor
84. Television is an example of broadcasting.
Answer: – Simlen X
85. Includes processing information.
Answer: – Performing mathematical and logic tasks based on the information given in the input
86. ……………… The main goal of determining the need for the development of information systems is: –
Answer: – To know what information an organization needs
87. Information requirements of an organization can be determined by …………………
Answer: – Knowing what similar organizations do, by interviewing managers and users and based on consensus
88. Why is it unethical to share copyrighted files with your friends?
Answer: – Sharing a copyrighted file is a violation of the copyright rules.
89. The technology that merges the commute ting with high-speed communication links data sound and video ………………. Technology says.
Answer: Information
90. Compact… Which Technology is used in Dickau?
Answer: – Laser
91. The Faculty of Engineering in which a communicator device of molecular size is made is called ………………
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