human body Question 2023
human body Related Question And Answer 2022

Human body Related Question And Answer 2023

Human body Related Question And Answer 2023:– The human body question 2023 is the actual construction of any person. A human body has a few significant organ frameworks, including the respiratory framework, stomach related framework, strong framework, skeletal framework, circulatory framework, sensory system, and regenerative framework (male and female).

1) Which is the smallest unit of the human body?
A. Tissue
B. Sail
C. foreskin
D. muscle
Answer. B. Sail
2) What is the number of chromosomes in humans?
A. 23
B. 46
C. 48
D. 12
Answer. B. 46
3) Which blood group person can take blood from each person?
B. B
D. A
Answer. C. AB
4) Where is the thyroid gland found?
A. brain
B. ear
C. eye
D. Throat
Answer. D. Throat
5) What is the length of sperm made in man?
A. 4 micron
B. 5 micron
C. 6 micron
D. 10 micron
Answer. C. 6 micron
6) What percentage of the human body is made up of protein?
A. 10%
B. 11%
C. 19%
D. 15%
Answer. D. 15%
7) Where is a protein called keratin found?
A. Wall
B. foreskin
C. Singh
8) What is the name of the protein found in Kanak?
A. Globin
B. casein
C. Gliding
D. none
Answer. C. Gliding
9) Who was the first to use vitamins?
A. John
B. Maracle
C. Lonin
D. fin
Answer. D. फंख
10) How many types of proteins are necessary in our body?
B. 13
C. 15
D. 17
Answer. B. 13

GK General Science Question Answer of Human Body Question 2023

Questions – Where is urea produced in the human body?
Answer: Liver

Questions – What percentage of water is found in the human body?
Answer – 65 to 80 percent of water is found in the human body.

Questions – Name the gland that controls blood pressure?

Answer – The gland that controls blood pressure is the adrenal gland .