Present day Indian History Notes


Present day Indian History Notes

Present day Indian History Notes:- Here, we share Modern Indian History Notes. It is a likewise significant point in Indian History. Numerous tests pose inquiries connected with this subject. current Indian history notes pdf in this blog.

In this blog, current Indian history notes for UPSC and a lot more tests Like SSC, Bank, Patwari, and so on who’s an understudy planning for cutthroat tests read this post.

Modern Indian history notes UPSC

S. R. No.
Subject’s Name
Anglo Sikh Wars
East India Company Rule In India
Economic Impact Of British Rule In India
Peasant Movements In India

East India Company Rule In India

He British East India Company, That is likewise Known as “John Company”, was shaped as a Business entity Which was Launched as The Company of Merchants of London Exchanging into the East Indies, in 1600.
This was while other exchanging organizations, that were made by the Portuguese, Dutch, French, and Danish were dynamic nearby.
English Business began working in India every year 1612 after they had been permitted the
freedoms to set up a production line in Surat. Sir Thomas Roe who had been a delegate negotiator of Queen Elizabeth first of England went into the court of Mughal head Jahangir to find assent.
In this way the legitimate British rule in India began in 1757, after Battle of Plassey, when
the Nawab of Bengal gave his territory over to the British East India Company.
Approaches followed by British to grow their realm:
  1. By wars and victories
  2. By Subsidiary Alliance framework
  3. From addition through transformation of theory of pass.

English Annexation of Bengal

The beginning of British administrative administration influence is followed to the clash of Plassey in
1757. From the Battle English East India Company crushed Siraj-ud-Daulah who was the
Nawab of Bengal. Bengal was very prolific and has been viewed as the extremely most extravagant
regions of India. Hence, organization rule was expected to get their exchanging advantages
the territory. The association got significant explanations underneath the regal farman by
Mughal Emperor in 1717. The farman permitted commodity and import freedom to British items
in Bengal without paying the option to give passes or ‘Dastaks’ for development of such
items. The business workers were permitted to exchange however not underneath the farman.
Occasions Resulting in the foundation of business rule in Bengal:
Alivardi Khan (1740-1756) : He legitimized his gathering of farman from Mughal sovereign
Muhammad ShahRangeela‘ in the wake of paying him 2 crore rupees. He had forestalled the English
also, the French from fortifying plants at Calcutta and Chandranagore. Alivardi Khan
was prevail by his grandson Sirajuddaula.


He caught the English plant at Kasimbazar. On twentieth June at 1756, Fort William
given up yet Robert Clive figured out how to recapture Calcutta.
Settlement of Alinagar: was endorsed on second Jan 1757, in which Siraj surrendered his necessities
also, British figured out how to catch Chandranagore that was involved by French up to this point.
Skirmish of Plassey has been battled on 23 June at 1757 including Sirajuddaula of Bengal and
English firm powers. Attributable to the intrigue drove by Mir Jafar, Nawab has been crushed.
Nawab Sirajuddalua was killed by Mir Jafar, that had been the Mir Bakshi,Amichand,
that had been a Sikh retailer, Manikchand, who was the official responsible for Calcutta, Jagat
Seth, who was the biggest broker of Bengal and by Khadim Khan who told a gigantic piece of Nawab’s powers.

Worth of Battle of Plassey

The skirmish of Plassey has monstrous authentic significance since it empowered for the
triumph of whole Bengal and a short time later the entire of India.
It lifted the confidence level for the British organization and gave them rich incomes helped them to
sort out major areas of strength for a for guard.
Mir Jafar (1757-60) turned into the Nawab of Bengal while offering 24 parganas into the
organization to gather profit and totally deregulation in Bengal.
Mir Qasim(1760-64) moved the capital from Murshidabad into Munger. He had been
was frantic with the British to abusing the dastak(free commitment pass). Mir Qasim forrmed
utilizing Awadh ruler Shujauddaula and Mughal sovereign Shah Alam II.

Skirmish of Buxar (1764)

Mir Qasim, Shujauddala and Shah Alam II were vanquished by powers of Munro. It was the
most urgent fight in Indian foundation and it made the British vigorously in Bengal, Bihar
what’s more, Orissa. This success ensured British matchless quality in Northern India where presently they were adversaries for the Afghans and the Marathas.
Mir Jafar was placed on the throne. Upon his death, Nizamuddaula, his son had been set on
the throne and signed traety with British to disband their military and also to administer
Bengal via a Deputy Subedar nominated from the business.
Robert Clive reasoned two different treaties of Allahabad with Shah Alam II and
In 1765, double Government started in Bengal. The company principle had Diwani and
Nizamat rights from Nizamuddaula, Nawab of Bengal. But firm did not take over direct
administration and revenue collection in Bengal. In 1772, Warren Hastings ended this
double system of government.




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