Top 100 Biology One Liner Questions

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Biology GK Questions

Q. The best source of iodine is – Algae
Q. An essential element in the formation and maintenance of bones and bones – Calcium
Q. Audio-capillary anemia disease is caused due to the abnormality of – Red blood cell
Q. Which are the two sources of abundant food protein – Soybean and Groundnut
Q. In addition to proteins and carbohydrates in milk, other nutritional elements include –Ca and KQ
Q. The element present in both cement and bones is – calcium
Q. Deficiency of which causes anemia – Iron
Q. Which vitamin is to blood clotting – Vitamin K
Q. What is the percentage of oxygen in the human body on average – 50%
Q. Which is the highest amount in spinach leaves – Iron
Q. Most iron is found in – Green leafy vegetables
Q. The medicine which increases the absorption of urine is called – Diuretic
Q. Which part of the body is affected by typhoid – Intestines
Q. The protozoa responsible for dysentery is – Entamoeba
Q. The disease of distant vision of the eyes is caused by – Due to the shortening of the eyeball
Q. What is the cause of cholera – bacterium
Q. ELISA test is done to check whom – AIDS
Q. Avian influenza virus is represented by – H5N1
Q. The deficiency which causes tooth decay – Fluorine
Q. Barium meal is used – for X-rays of the esophagus
Q. Which imaging device is used to detect kidney stones – CT Scan
Q. Pan-fried food sources are cancer-causing since they are rich in –
Q of fat. The poisoning of which heavy objects causes liver cirrhosis – Copper
Q. Inadequate supply of blood in the body is called – ischemia

Most Important / Top 100 Biology One-Liner Questions in Hindi

1. What is the study of cancer diseases called?
Answer – Organology
2. Longest cell in the body?
Answer – Nerve cells
3. The main material of which teeth are made?
Answer –
4. The shape of which animal is like a slipper of dentine?
Answer – Paramecium
5. Earthworm has eyes?
Answer – None
6. Carrot is the source of which vitamin?
Answer – Vitamin A
7. In which substance protein is not found?
Answer – Rice
8. What is the approximate weight of the human brain?
Answer – 1350 gm
9. The metal found in the blood is
Answer – Iron 
10. Which iron provides nutrients for the growth of new tissues in the body?
Answer – Cheese
11. In which language did the word Botany originate?
Answer – Greek
12. Which is the largest gland of the body?
Answer – Liver
13. Which hormone is secreted by the female genital organ in humans?
Answer – Relaxin
14. Voluntary movements in humans are controlled by?
Answer – Cerebrum
15. Where is the body temperature controlled?
Answer – Hypothalamus
16. In amoeba food is ingested by whom?
Ans – Protopod
17. Which enzyme is found in saliva?
Answer – Tylin
18. The process by which a person inhales and exhales is?
Answer – Respiration
19. What does the cell usually use for energy production?
Answer – Glucose
20. By which reaction in the plant oxygen reaches the cells from the external environment?
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