Top 20+ MS Word Quiz Questions and Answers Part – 1

Most important MS Word Quiz Questions and Answers, gk duniya, gkduniya,
Top 20+ MS Word Quiz Questions and Answers Part - 1, gk duniya, gkduniya,

MS Word Quiz Questions and Answers:- important Microsoft Word (MS Word) online MCQ’s Questions with Answers for Computer Basic, interviews practice, competitive/goverment exams.

MS Word Quiz Questions and Answers

  • MS-word is software of ____

(A) Apple
(B) Microsoft 
(C) Google (Alphabet)
(D) Android
Ans: B – Microsoft
  • Which is the word processing software?

(A)  Mozilla Firefox
(B) MS word 2007
(C) Avast
(D) Google Chrome
Ans: B – MS word 2007
  • MS Word is ____ software.

(A) Word processing 
(B) Antivirus
(C) Operating system
(D) Web browser 
Ans: A – Word processing
  • The Correct format of MS Word is ___

(A) .jpeg
(B) .exe 
(C) .doc 
(D) .png 
Ans: C – .doc
  • Which program is check the spelling in MS-Word?

(A) Word Count 
(B) Set language 
(C) Research
(D) Spelling & Grammar
Ans: D – Spelling & Grammar
  • To show the font dialog box press ____

(A) Ctrl+ Q 
(B) Ctrl+ D
(C) Ctrl+ B
(D) Ctrl+ P
Ans: B – Ctrl+ D
  • A word gets selected by clicking it

(A) Once/One times
(B) Twice/Two times
(C) Three times
(D) Four times
Ans: B – Twice/Two times
  • A _____ identifies a location or a selection of text that you name and identify for future reference.

(A) Page number
(B) Bookmark
(C) Header 
(D) Footer 
Ans: B – Bookmark
  • Which option is not available in Microsoft office button?

(A) Open
(B) New
(C) Save
(D) Bold
Ans: D – Bold
  • _____ is the change the way text warps around the selected object.

(A) Clipart 
(B) Indent
(C) Text wrapping
(D) Line spacing
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