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07 January 2022 to 14 January 2022 Current Affairs

07 January 2022 to 14 jan 2022 Current Affairs: In this post, we share every day refreshed Current Affairs. This subject is the main piece of every serious test. This multitude of posts are exceptionally generally significant for every one of the up-and-comers who are getting ready for the cutthroat test.

Current Affairs 07 January 2022

Ques 1. As of late who has taken over as the new Director-General of the National Mission for Clean Ganga?
Ans. G Ashok Kumar
Ques 2. Where is the conventional New Year Losar Festival celebrated?
Ans. Ladakh
Ques 3. As of late who has been selected as the new Executive Director of Reserve Bank of India.
Ans. Ajay Kumar Chaudhary and Deepak Kumar
Ques 4. Padma Shri awardee Sindhutai Sapkal has died, who was she?
Ans. Social specialist
Ques 5. As of late Google has procured Israeli digital protection startup Simplify for what number of million dollars?
Ans. 500 million dollars
Ques 6. Who has turned into the main lady of Indian beginning to travel alone toward the South Pole?
Ans. Harpreet Chandi
Ques 7. Who has as of late turned into the President of the US India Business Council?
Ans. Atul Keshap
Ques 8. Who has turned into the main lady to lead an atomic transporter in the US Navy?
Ans. Amy Barnsmidt
Ques 9. As of late who has turned into the principal paperless court of India?
Ans. Kerala High Court.
Ques 10. Ganjam area of which state has now been proclaimed kid marriage free?
Ans. Odisha

Current Affairs 08 January 2022

Ques 1. When is World War Orphans Day celebrated?
Ans. 06 January
Ques 2. As of late which state has been picked by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to leader the 25th National Youth Festival.
Ans. Puducherry
Ques 3. Which nation has made a world record by extricating 07 million degrees Celsius energy from the fake sun for 17 minutes?
Ans. China
Ques 4. When was the Ujala conspire begun?
Ans. 05 January 2015
Ques 5. Who has been sent off the World Economic Outlook 2022?
Ans. IMF
Ques 6. What is the name of the 102nd country that has joined the International Solar Alliance as of late?
Ans. Antigua and Barbuda
Ques 7. Who has procured Israeli network protection startup Simplified for $500 million?
Ans. Google
Ques 8. Who has as of late gotten the UiPath Automation Excellence Awards 2021?
Ans. South Indian Bank
Ques 9. Which country’s three-time Olympic gold-winning triple leap champion Victor Sanve has died?
Ans. Australia
Ques 10. Who is the writer of the as of late sent off book named Mamta: Beyond 2021?
Ans. Jayant Ghoshal

Current Affairs 09 January 2022

Ques 1. When is the 75th foundation Day of the Bureau of Indian Standards celebrated?
Ans. 06 January
Ques 2. Who has been given the best state grant for water protection in the National Water Awards 2020 as of late?
Ans. Uttar Pradesh
Ques 3. Which country has fined Google and Facebook 210 million euros?
Ans. France
Ques 4. Who has recently sent off the “Save reasons and save charge crusade”?
Ans. SBI General Insurance
Ques 5. Which has turned into the main air terminal in India to be remembered for the best ten worldwide rundown?
Ans. Chennai air terminal
Ques 6. As of late the organizer of Shillong Chamber Choir has died. What was his name?
Ans. Neil Nongkinrih
Ques 7. Where has been begun two-day South Asian Consultative Meeting?
Ans. New Delhi
Ques 8. Who has been delegated as the Secretary-General of OPEC as of late?
Ans. Haitham Al Ghis
Ques 9. India and which nation have consented to an arrangement for the total improvement of the Trikomali oil tank structure?
Ans. Sri Lanka
Ques 10. Who has as of late fostered the India-made riddle Omicron pack “Omisure” by ICMR?
Ans. Goodbye Medical and Diagnostics

Current Affairs 10 January 2022

Ques 1. As of late VK Bhavra has been named as the new DGP of which state?
Ans. Punjab
Ques 2. As of late which space office has conveyed the world’s most impressive telescope in space on 8 January 2022.
Ans. NASA (day for kickoff on 25 December 2021)
Ques 3. As of late who has taken over as the twentieth IG of Assam Rifles (North)?
Ans. Vikas Lakhera
Ques 4. As of late who has sent off the country’s first versatile honey handling van?
Ans. Khadi and Village Industries Commission
Ques 5. With which establishment did the World Food Program as of late consent to an arrangement?
Ans. Akshaya Patra Foundation
Ques 6. As of late with whom the Jammu and Kashmir legislatures has marked a MoU in Dubai for a speculation of $100 million in the state, under which inns and business cum private edifices will be constructed.
Ans. With Century Financial
Ques 7. As of late which nation has restricted kid marriage by making it a law?
Ans. Philippines
Ques 8. As of late Vikram Kothari has died in January 2022, he is the proprietor of which organization.
Ans. Rotomac
Ques 9. Who is the writer of the as of late sent off book “Gandhi’s executioners: The making of Nathuram Godse and actually india for him”?
Ans. Dhirendra Jha
Ques 10. When was the birth commemoration of Guru Gobind Singh, the 10th Guru of Sikhs commended as of late?
Ans. 9 January 2022

Current Affairs 11 January 2022

Ques 1. As of late when is World Hindi Day celebrated?
Ans. 10 January 2022
Ques 2. Which country cricket crew’s between time mentor Saqlain Mushtaq has left his post?
Ans. Pakistan
Ques 3. Who is the break top of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India as of late?
Ans. Navrang Saini
Ques 4. The UP government has reported to name Mainpuri Sainik School after whom?
Ans. General Bipin Rawat
Ques 5. As of late, from which day the Prime Minister has reported to observe Veer Bal Diwas consistently.
Ans. Consistently on 26th December
Ques 6. In which realm the primary toy producing “Kopal Toy Cluster” has been reported?
Ans. Karnataka
Ques 7. Where is Namsung celebration commended as of late?
Ans. Sikkim
Ques 8. Which space office has sent the world’s most remarkable telescope in space?
Ques 9. As of late which two nations have consented to a safeguard arrangement to counter China.
Ans. Australia and Japan
Ques 10. The Managing Director of Rotomac Group has left away, what was his name?
Ans. Vikram Kothari

Current Affairs 12 January 2022

Ques 1. When is World Hindi Day celebrated?
Ans. January 10
Ques 2. As of late, who has been chosen for the National Award by the Indian Council of Medical Research?
Ans. Satish Adiga
Ques 3. Which country has begun extravagance train administration with the assistance of India?
Ans. Sri Lanka
Ques 4. As of late World Rapid Chess Championship 2021 Nodirbek Abdusatorov has won, he has a place with which country.
Ans. Uzbekistan
Ques 5. Which realm government has pronounced four towns close to the Nepal line as income towns?
Ans. Uttar Pradesh
Ques 6. When has the National Human Trafficking Awareness Day been praised as of late?
Ans. eleventh January
Ques 7. Where has the new Coronavirus variation named Deltacrone been found?
Ans. Cyprus
Ques 8. As of late which film has gotten the Best Film Award at the Golden Globe Awards 2022.
Ans. The Power of the Dog
Ques 9. Where is the Losang Festival celebrated?
Ans. Sikkim
Ques 10. Who has as of late won the Adelaide International 1 Tennis Tournament of 2022?
Ans. Gail Monfils

Current Affairs 13 January 2022

Ques 1. As of late, in whose memory National Youth Day has been commended on 12 January 2022.
Ans. In memory of Swami Vivekananda
Ques 2. Where has the BWF 2022 Yonex Sunrise India Open competition began?
Ans. New Delhi
Ques 3. As of late which country’s all-rounder Chris Morris has reported his retirement from cricket.
Ans. South Africa
Ques 4. Which has been recorded as the fifth hottest year in the European Union report?
Ans. 2021
Ques 5. As of late who has been regarded with the twelfth Bharat Ratna Dr. Ambedkar Award 2022.
Ans. Harshali Malhotra
Ques 6. Who has been designated as its image minister by the internet based protection stage “Renewbuy”?
Ans. Rajkumar Rao
Ques 7. As of late which mission has been sent off by Indian Railways to follow the lost gear of rail line travelers.
Ans. Mission Amanat
Ques 8. Which realm government has expanded the advantage of maternity leave from 90 days to 180 days?
Ans. Odisha
Ques 9. Where will India’s first heli-center point be set up as of late?
Ans. Gurugram (Haryana)
Ques 10. As of late which state has been positioned first in quite a while Skills 2021 National Competition.
Ans. Odisha
Current Affairs 14 January 2022
Ques 1. As of late UBS Securities has assessed India’s GDP in FY 2022.
Ans. 9.1 percent
Ques 2. Which mission has been sent off by the Railway Protection Force to follow the lost gear?
Ans. Mission Amanat
Ques 3. What is the position of India in the as of late delivered Henley Passport Index 2022?
Ans. 83rd spot
Ques 4. Who has initiated the new grounds of the Institute of Classical Tamil in Chennai?
Ans. Narendra Modi
Ques 5. Who has been named as the director of the council comprised to explore the Prime Minister’s security?
Ans. Indu Malhotra
Ques 6. Chandrashekhar Patil has died, who was he?
Ans. author
Ques 7. As of late India’s most established bear Rose has died in which public park.
Ans. Van Vihar National Park, Bhopal
Ques 8. Who has won the ICC Player of the Month Award for the long stretch of December?
Ans. Ejaz Patel
Ques 9. As of late who has been made the top of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).
Ans. S. to Somnath
Ques 10. Who has been granted the twelfth Bharat Ratna Dr. Ambedkar Award?
Ans. Harshali Malhotra


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