24 January 2022 to 31 jan 2022 Current Affairs, Current Affairs January 2022, GK DUNIYA

2021 Current Affairs, gkduniya, Weekly Current Affairs PDF Download , gkduniya
2021 Current Affairs, gkduniya, Weekly Current Affairs PDF Download , gkduniya

24 January 2022 to 31 jan 2022 Current Affairs, Current Affairs January 2022, GK DUNIYA

current affairs:- 24 January 2022 to 31 jan 2022 Current Affairs: In this post, we share every day refreshed Current Affairs. This subject is the main piece of every serious test. This multitude of posts are exceptionally generally significant for every one of the up-and-comers who are getting ready for the cutthroat test.

Current Affairs 24 January 2022 current affairs for UPSC

Ques 1. As of late which money bank has sent off ‘Platina Fixed Deposit’?
Ans. Ujjivan Small Finance Bank
Ques 2. Where has Home Minister Amit Shah delivered the principal ‘Area Good Governance Index’?
Ans. Jammu and Kashmir
Ques 3. Which state government has reported to set up Infrastructure Financing Authority?
Ans. Arunachal Pradesh
Ques 4. Who has been delegated by RBI as the executive of Unity Small Finance Bank?
Ans. Vinod Rai
Ques 5. Who has as of late initiated the intuitive virtual historical center?
Ans. Ajay Bhatt
Ques 6. Mia Amor Motley has been chosen as the Prime Minister of which country?
Ans. Barbados
Ques 7. Which nation has changed Jakarta to Nusantara as its capital?
Ans. Indonesia
Ques 8. Who has turned into the energetic lady to fly solo all over the planet?
Ans. Zara Rutherford
Ques 9. Who has been chosen as the Executive Director of Geojit Financial Services?
Ans. Jones George
Ques 10. Where will Prime Minister Modi reveal the 216 feet tall sculpture of Sant Ramanujacharya?
Ans. Hyderabad

Current Affairs 25 January 2022

Ques 1. When was the 125th birth commemoration of Netaji Subhas Chandra Boss celebrated?
Ans. January 23
Ques 2. Where is the sea practice Neptune Strike 22 coordinated by NATO nations held?
Ans. In the Mediterranean Sea
Ques 3. Which state has sent off a one-stop site to advance electric vehicles?
Ans. Delhi
Ques 4. Subhash Bhowmik has died, he is connected with which field.
Ans. Football
Ques 5. Who has won the title of Syed Modi International Badminton competition?
Ans. PV Sindhu
Ques 6. Where has India’s first Para-Badminton Academy began?
Ans. Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Ques 7. Who has delivered the Climate of India during the 2021 report?
Ans. IMD
Ques 8. Which state has as of late sent off its Kangra application?
Ans. Himachal Pradesh
Ques 9. Where will the exhibition hall be inherent memory of the Jungle Satyagraha of 1930?
Ans. Maharashtra
Ques 10. As of late who has been made the brand envoy of Gooddot?
Ans. Neeraj Chopra

Current Affairs 26 January 2022

Ques 1. As of late Who has composed the book ‘The Legend of Birsa Munda’?
Ans. Tuhin A Sinha, Ankita Verma
Ques 2. Who has turned into the new minister of the Internet Panel on UASG Languages?
Ans. Vijay Shekhar Sharma
Ques 3. Which previous England batsman has ventured down as the lead trainer of the area group with quick impact?
Ans. Vikram Solanki
Ques 4. What number of kids have as of late been respected by Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the Prime Minister’s National Children’s Award?
Ans. 29 kids
Ques 5. Who has composed the book called Operation Khatma?
Ans. RC Ganju, Ashwini Bhatnagar
Ques 6. Where has PM Modi introduced MSME Technology Center?
Ans. Puducherry
Ques 7. In which of the accompanying nations, “Online Safety Bill” has been carried out as of late from 23rd January 2022?
Ans. Australia

Current Affairs 27 January 2022

Ques 1. Who has been given Ashok Chakra 2022 as of late?
Ans. Baburam (Jammu and Kashmir ASI)
Ques 2. Who has been named as the new administrator of the PMLA Adjudicating Authority by the public authority?
Ans. Vinodanand Jha
Ques 3. Which states have consented to an arrangement for the development of Adi Badri Dam?
Ans. Himachal Pradesh and Haryana
Ques 4. Who has composed another book named ‘The Angels of Kailash’?
Ans. Shubira Prasad
Ques 5. Which Indian movies have been named for Oscar 2022?
Ans. Jai Bhim and Arabikadalinte Singham
Ques 6. Who has won the ninth Women’s National Ice Hockey Championship?
Ans. Ladakh
Ques 7. Which bank has sent off Platina Fixed Deposit Scheme?
Ans. Ujjivan Small Finance Bank
Ques 8. Indian Railways has made a record by running India’s longest train named Vasuki, what is the length of this train?
Ans. 3.5 km
Ques 9. Who has the title of ICC Men’s Test Cricketer of the Year?
Ans. Joe Root (England)
Ques 10. The Air Quality Management Commission (CAQM) has supplanted the Supreme Court-commanded Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA) by how long?
Ans. 22

Current Affairs 28 January 2022

Ques 1. In which territory of India has the principal logical bird chart book been found?
Ans. Kerala
Ques 2. Who has turned into the new administrator of HPCL?
Ans. Pushp Kumar Joshi
Ques 3. Since when was a huge scope joint water-land-airborne exercise AMFAX-21 led by the three wings of the Army in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands?
Ans. 21st January to 25th January 2021
Ques 4. Where have the joint naval forces of Russia-China-Iran led an activity named CHIRU-2Q22?
Ans. Inlet of Oman
Ques 5. Who has fostered the Omicron test pack named OM?
Ques 6. What is the position of India in Germanwatch’s Global Climate Risk Index 2021?
Ans. 7
Ques 7. The International Monetary Fund has decreased India’s development gauge for the financial year 2022 from 9.5 percent to what percent.
Ans. 9.0 percent
Ques 8. Who has been granted the Param Vishisht Seva Medal?
Ans. Neeraj Chopra
Ques 9. As of late who has effectively test-terminated the surface-to-air ‘Akash-NG (New Generation)’ rocket?
Ques 10. Who has turned into the principal lady Rafale contender stream pilot in the Republic Day march?
Ans. Shivangi Singh

Current Affairs 29 January 2022

Ques 1. Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve has won the TX2 grant, in which state is this Tiger Reserve?
Ans. Disintegrate, Tamil Nadu
Ques 2. Which service has proposed National Mission for Edible Oil (NMEO)?
Ans. Ranchers Welfare and Ministry of Agriculture
Ques 3. Which state’s police has won the most elevated 115 honors for heroism?
Ans. Jammu and Kashmir Police
Ques 4. Which individual has been granted the President’s, Tatrakshak Medal?
Ans. IG Dev Raj Sharma
Ques 5. Padma Shri victor Milena Salvini has died, she has a place with which field.
Ans. Kathakali dance
Ques 6. Who has distributed a report named ‘Birds of Sundarban Biosphere Reserve’?
Ans. Zoological Survey of India
Ques 7. who is India’s first Graphene Innovation Center opened?
Ans. Kerala
Ques 8. When was the International Film Festival of India laid out?
Ans. 1952
Ques 9. Whose book is A Little Book of India?
Ans. Ruskin Bond
Ques 10. Which state government has given another M-Sand strategy?
Ans. Rajasthan

Current Affairs 30 January 2022

Ques 1. When is the 157th birth commemoration of Lala Lajpat Rai celebrated?
Ans. January 28
Ques 2. What was the genuine name of Nathuram Godse, who killed Gandhiji?
Ans. Ramchandra Godse
Ques 3. Goodbye Sky has declared to change its name to what?
Ans. Goodbye Play
Ques 4. Who has joined forces with NPCI (International Payments Limited) to advance Cashless Lending?
Ans. Treatment
Ques 5. Dakshin Mabuang has turned into the principal ODF in addition to town of which state?
Ans. Mizoram
Ques 6. Where has India’s biggest electric vehicle charging station opened?
Ans. Gurgaon
Ques 7. Where will the Asian Games 2022 be held?
Ans. China
Ques 8. Who has sent off the ‘NIPER Research Portal’?
Ans. Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya
Ques 9. Google has reported to put what number of billion dollars in Bharti Airtel?
Ques 10. Anul Avchat has died, he was the creator of which language?
Ans. Marathi essayist

Current Affairs 31 January 2022

Ques 1. Who has won the Australian Open 2022 men’s title?
Ans. Rafael Nadal
Ques 2. When is Data Privacy Day noticed?
Ans. January 28
Ques 3. Who has crushed Rafael Nadal in the Australian Open 2022 men’s class?
Ans. Daniil Medvedev
Ques 4. Who has composed the book ‘The $10 Trillion Dream’?
Ans. Subhash Garg
Ques 5. Big showdown medalist Sarjubala has now turned into an expert fighter, she has a place with which state.
Ans. Manipur
Ques 6. Who has sent off another application named ‘Computerized Parliament’?
Ans. Lok Sabha Secretariat
Ques 7. As of late who has the Allen Border Medal 2022.
Ans. Mitchell Starc
Ques 8. Which realm government has declared to carry a mandate to debilitate the powers of Lokayukta?
Ans. Kerala
Ques 9. Analysts of which country have found another sort of Covid neokov?
Ans. China
Ques 10. As per the WGC report, the worldwide gold interest has expanded by what percent?
Ans. 10 %
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