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Morden Physics 2023 Important Questions And Answers Part – 2

Morden Physics 2023: This Handwritten Notes of Physics | Physics Notes in Hindi for competitive exams can be downloaded for free by clicking on the green button given below. This Physics Notes PDF is given to download for the students preparing for government job exams. 

Q31. On the basis of which principle did Otto Han discover the atomic bomb?
Ans. uranium fission
Q32. A laser is a device that is generated by?
Ans. diffracted radiation
Q33. Cryogenic engines (cryogenic engines) are applied to?
Ans. in rocket
Q34. Energy is generated in nuclear reactors?
Ans. by controlled fission
Q35. A diode is an application that allows the current to-
Ans. allows flow in one direction
Q36. In how many directions does the current flow through the diode?
Ans. in one direction
Q37. Is it Silicon?
Ans. semiconductor
Q38. Which metal is used to generate electricity?
Ans. of uranium
Q39. How do stars get their energy?
Ans. as a result of nuclear fusion
Q40. Sun’s energy is generated.
Ans. by nuclear fusion
Q41. Which metal is used as a semiconductor in transistors?
Ans. germanium
Q42. Which TV remote control unit is used to operate a TV set?
Ans. of microwaves
Q43. Energy is created by the Sun?

Ans. by nuclear fusion

Q44. When the TV is switched on, then –
Ans. The visual starts immediately, but the audio is heard later because sound travels at a slower speed than light.
Q45. Which principle is used to generate minimum temperature?
Ans. superconductivity
Q46. The source of renewable energy in the stars is the reason.
Ans. conversion of hydrogen to helium
Q47. What is the source of electrical energy in an artificial satellite?
Ans. solar cells
Q48. The difference between a nuclear reactor and an atomic bomb is that
Ans. The chain reaction in a nuclear reactor is controlled by
Q49. Which important nuclear fuel is available in abundance in India?
Ans. thorium
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