Top 100 Gk Questions and Answers

Top 100 Gk Questions and Answers
Top 100 Gk Questions and Answers

Top 100 Gk Questions and Answers

Top 100 Gk Questions and Answers –  Today we share the highly recommended 100 Gk Questions and Answers with Current Affairs Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams. 

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General Knowledge (GK Questions)

  • The capital of India is
    • New Delhi
  • Current Prime Minister of India is
    • Narendra Modi
  • Who are RBI heads
    • Governor
  • Bitcoin Created By
    • Satoshi Nakamoto
  • The currency of India is
    • Rupee / INR / Indian Rupee
  • Which country is Create UPI
    • India
  • Current President of India is
    • Draupadi Murmu
  • When India celebrates Independence Day
    • 15 August
  • India’s Silicon Valli Located in
    • Bangalore
  • India’s Space Agency Acronym
    • ISRO
  • Indian Premier Tech Institute is
    • IIT stands are Indian Institutes of Technology
  • The National Bird Name of India is
    • Peacock
  • The National Flower of India is
    • Lotus
  • The National Language of India is
    • Hindi and English
  • National Sports of India is
    • Hockey
  • The National Anthem of India is
    • Jana Gana Mana
  • The National Flag of India is
    • Tricolor (Tricolour)
  • India Independence Day is
    • 15 Aug 1947
  • highest Mountain Peak of the Indian Subcontinent is
    • Mount Everest
  • The Longest River in India is
    • Ganga River
  • Largest Lake of India is
    • Wular Lake
  • India’s Most Populous State is
    • Uttar Pradesh
  • India’s Least Populous State is
    • Sikkim
  • India’s Richest State is
    • Maharashtra / Mumbai / Bombay
  • India’s Poorest State is
    • Bihar
  • India’s Most Literate State is
    • Kerala
  • India’s Least Literate State is
    • Bihar
  • India’s Most Developed State is
    • Kerala
  • India’s Least Developed State is
    • Uttar Pradesh
  • Current US Dollar Price in Indian Rupees
    • 82.85 INR / USD
  • Current India’s Inflation Rate is
    • India’s retail inflation rate was 5.10% in January 2024, down from 5.69% in December 2023.
  • The Current Unemployment Rate in India is
    • 7.8 Percent
  • The current GDP of India is
    • Economy of India ; 6.4% of GDP (2022–23) · ₹27.163 trillion (US$340 billion); (2023–24) · ₹45.031 trillion (US$560 billion); (2023–24)
  • CAT Exam Full Form is
    • Common Admission Test is the full form of is CAT
  • ISRO Full Form is
    • Indian Space Research Organization
  • World’s Best Education System is
    • Sweden

GK Questions and Answers in English

1. Father of Nation is
Ans. Mahatma Gandhi
2. The First President of India is
Ans. Dr Rajendra Prasad
3. Who is reserved the Title of Father of the Indian Constitution is
Ans. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar
4. Most sensitive organ in body parts.
Ans. Skin
5. Panjab Folk dance is
Ans. Gidda
6. The first prime Minister of India is
Ans. Jawaharlal Nehru is the first prime minister
7. Heavier Matel is Gold / Silver
Ans. GOld
8. Computer Invented by
Ans. Charles Babbage known as the Father of Computer
9. 1024 KB is Equal to
Ans. 1 MB
10. India has a line of Continent
Ans. Asia
11. Where is Giza Pyramids
Ans. Egypt has the Giza Pyramid
12. The Statue of Liberty located in
Ans. New York
13. India win the total Cricket World Cup count
Ans. India wins 2 times ICC WORLD CUP OF CRICKET.
14. Which day celebrates Martyrs Day?
Ans. 30 January
15. The first 3 Planet names in the Solar System
Ans. Mercury, Venus and Earth
16. The Longest River on the Earth is
Ans. The Nile is the longest river on the earth
17. Why Gujarat Gir National Park is famous
Ans. Lion
18. Which Animal has a hump on its back
Ans. Camel
19. India’s Smallest State name is
Ans. Goa
20. Name of the Fastest Animal on the Earth.
Ans. Cheetah
21. Who is known as a ship of the desert?
Ans. Camel
22. The Desert Plant’s Name is
Ans. Cactus
23. India’s Highest Dam name is
Ans. Tehri Dam
24. India’s National Tree name is
Ans. Banyan Tree
25. The White Flower’s Name is
Ans. Jasmine
26. The author of Romeo and Juliet name is
Ans. William Shakespeare wrote World famous Romeo and Juliet.
27. The reptile’s name is
Ans. Lizard is a Reptile
28. Cataract disease type of
Ans. Eyes
29. Which body part is purified by our blood
Ans. Kidney
30. The Indian National Anthem written by
Ans. Rabindra Nath Tagore

Gk Questions and Answers Quiz

1. Which Country has the highest life expectancy?
Ans. Hong Kong has the highest life expectancy
2. Native Speaker’s language is English / Spanish
Ans. Spanish
3. Most Common Surname used in the United States.
Ans. Smith is the common surname in the US.
4. The Commonly Spread disease on pirate ships is
Ans. Scurvy
5. God of ancient Greece of sun.
Ans. Apollo
6. United Nationals Established year is
Ans. 1945
7. Mostly win the award in total Academy Awards by
Ans. Walt Disney
8. which mostly streams artists on Spotify.
Ans. Drake
9. Total minutes in a week.
Ans. 10.080
10. Amazon was originally called by
Ans. Cadabra
11. Last tsar of Russia is
Ans. Nicholas ll
12. Rome city is known as
Ans. The Eternal City
13. Blue ribbon sports initially by
Ans. Nike
14. Which planet has the most moons
Ans. Saturn
15. A group of pandas known as
Ans. An embarrassment
16. Mount Kilimanjaro found by
Ans. Tanzania
17. Total bones in an ear
Ans. 3
18. Most streamed series of Netflix is
Ans. Squid Game
19. Which county is headquartered in Redmond?
Ans. Microsoft
20. Largest Spanish speaking city in the world is
Ans. Mexico City
21. Fastest Bird in the world.
Ans. The peregrine falcon
22. Where is the Chernobyl nuclear plant.
Ans. Ukraine
23. Elon Musk’s Born city name is
Ans. South Africa
24. Which country has most islands
Ans. Sweden – 270,000
25. The octopus have how many hearts.
Ans. 3
26. Closest planet of the sun is
Ans. Mercury
27. Human strongest muscle name is
Ans. Jaw
28. Where located the Angel Falls the worlds largest waterfall
Ans. Venezuela
29. Which continent find the worlds largest desert
Ans. Antarctica
30. Capital of Ireland is
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