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Weekly Current Affairs PDF Download 25 to 30 December 2021

Weekly Current Affairs PDF Download 25 to 30 December 2021 Current Affairs: In this post, we share every day refreshed Current Affairs. This point is the main piece of every single cutthroat test. Weekly Current Affairs PDF Download This multitude of posts are exceptionally generally significant for every one of the applicants who are getting ready for the serious test.

Weekly Current Affairs PDF Download

Current Affairs 25 December 2021

Ques 1. Who has reported the organization of ladies commandos in 2 or more class security?
Ans. focal government
Ques 2. Which state government has reported a 1% booking for transsexuals in the police?
Ans. Legislature of Karnataka
Ques 3. Which bureau has supported the foundation of the main instructor college?
Ans. Delhi bureau
Ques 4. The food and Drug Administration has endorsed Apravude infusion to forestall which sickness?
Ans. HIV
Ques 5. Which Justice has been designated as the Acting Chief Justice of Uttarakhand High Court?
Ans. Equity Sanjay Kumar Mishra
Ques 6. Which bank has topped in advanced exchanges in 2020-21?
Ans. Bank Of Baroda
Ques 7. Mastercard and which organization have reported a tokenization strategy?
Ans. Google
Ques 8. In which country 66 million-year-old dinosaur undeveloped organisms have been found?
Ans. China
Ques 9. Which nation has won the bronze decoration in the Asian Men’s Hockey Championship 2021 played in Dhaka, Bangladesh?
Ans. India
Ques 10. Which day is commended all over India on 23rd December?
Ans. Public Farmers Day

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Current Affairs 26 December 2021

Ques 1. When is National Consumer Rights Day celebrated?
Ans. December 24
Ques 2. Who has won the United Nations Women’s Award for Leadership Commitment 2021?
Ans. Divya Hegde
Ques 3. Richard Rogers has died, who was he?
Ans. Draftsman
Ques 4. As indicated by the report of the Ministry of Finance, by which rate has the development charge assortment expanded?
Ans. 54%
Ques 5. The bureau of which realm has endorsed the foundation of the main educator’s college?
Ans. Delhi
Ques 6. Which nation has topped as far as unicorn organizations?
Ans. America
Ques 7. Equity Sanjay Kumar Mishra has been delegated as the Acting Chief Justice of the High Court of which realm?
Ans. Uttarakhand
Ques 8. Who will have the ICC Under 19 Cricket World Cup 2022?
Ans. West Indies
Ques 9. Where has the longest Pool T extension of Odisha been initiated?
Ans. Cuttack
Ques 10. Who has won the Mother Teresa Memorial Award?
Ans. Anil Prakash Joshi

Current Affairs 27 December 2021

Ques 1. NASA sent off the world’s biggest and most impressive space telescope in December 2021. What is the name of the telescope?
Ans. James Webb Space Telescope
Ques 2. Which service has praised fifth Siddha Day on 23rd December?
Ans. Service of AYUSH
Ques 3. Which state sent off the ‘Free Smartphone Scheme’ in December 2021?
Ans. Uttar Pradesh
Ques 4. Where has DRDO effectively test-terminated the native High-Speed ​​HEAT work out?
Ans. Odisha
Ques 5. Which state beat the general position score covering 10 areas in the Good Governance Index 2021?
Ans. Gujarat
Ques 6. Who has sent off TRIFED One Dhan Chronicle?
Ans. Arjun Munda
Ques 7. Which state has sent off the ‘Sports Nursery Scheme 2022-23’ to advance games in the state in December 2021?
Ans. Haryana
Ques 8. Which nation has multiplied the acquisition of gas from Turkmenistan in 2021?
Ans. Russia
Ques 9. In December 2021, the Tamil Nadu government has proclaimed which melody as its state song of devotion?
Ans. Tamil Thai Vazhathu
Ques 10. Who has been delegated by India Yamaha Motor as its new President?
Ans. e-mark

Current Affairs 28 December 2021

Ques 1. Which space organization has effectively sent off its new James Webb Telescope?
Ques 2. Which service has coordinated work fairs the nation over under Deendayal Upadhyaya Grameen Kaushalya Yojana?
Ans. Service of Rural Development
Ques 3. The National Book Trust under which service has reported 75 chosen writers under the PM-YUVA mentorship plot?
Ans. Service of Education
Ques 4. From which year the Prime Minister has declared to inoculate the offspring of 18 years of Corona?
Ans. 15 years
Ques 5. Later how long of administration, India’s first natively constructed rocket corvette INS Khukri has been decommissioned?
Ans. 32 years
Ques 6. Which Union Road Transport Minister has sent off India’s first “Insightful Transport System”?
Ans. Nitin Gadkari
Ques 7. Which state C.M. Bhupendra Patel has sent off the Gujarati form of the Indian multilingual miniature writing for a blog webpage “Ku”?
Ans. Gujarat
Ques 8. Which group has won the title by overcoming the Indian ladies’ group in the SAFF Under 19 Women’s Championship?
Ans. Bangladesh ladies’ group
Ques 9. Which state has circulated extraordinary COVID help of Rs.6,000 to paper sellers?
Ans. Uttar Pradesh
Ques 10. Paytm Payments Bank has collaborated with which organization to send ongoing cash to Paytm Wallet clients in India?
Ans. Moneygram
Weekly Current Affairs PDF Download Click Here

Current Affairs 29 December 2021

Ques 1. Kamlesh Gandhi, CMD of MAS Financial Services has been selected as the new co-administrator of which chamber?
Ans. Finance Industry Development Council
Ques 2. Which installment bank has cooperated with MoneyGram to empower direct global asset move to the wallet?
Ans. Paytm Payments Bank
Ques 3. Which award has India’s Aanchal Thakur won in the International Ski Federation Alpine Skiing Competition?
Ans. bronze decoration
Ques 4. In which city Tamil Nadu has sent off the dashboard observing framework “CM Dashboard Tamil Nadu 360”?
Ans. Chennai
Ques 5. At what age has Desmond Tutu of South Africa, who battled against politically-sanctioned racial segregation, kicked the bucket?
Ans. 90 years
Ques 6. The Central Government has comprised a board to eliminate AFSPA from which state?
Ans. Nagaland
Ques 7. Which ideological group’s Rajya Sabha part Mahendra Prasad has died?
Ans. Janata Dul United
Ques 8. Researchers of which the University of Switzerland have found another layer of human jaw muscles?
Ans. College of Basel
Ques 9. When has the United Nations commended the world’s first International Pandemic Preparedness Day?
Ans. 27 December
Ques 10. By which month has the focal government broadened the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana?

Ans. March 2022

Current Affairs 30 December 2021

Ques 1. P . Ravi Kumar has been selected as the new Chief Secretary of which realm?
Ans. Karnataka
Ques 2. Who has been selected as the CEO of Energy Efficiency Surveys Ltd.?
Ans. Radhika Jha
Ques 3. Which entertainer has been respected with the ‘Philanthropic Award 2020’ by the nation of Norway?
Ans. Sonu Sood
Ques 4. Which previous ambassador has been made the country’s new Deputy National Security Advisor?
Ans. Vikram Misri
Ques 5. Who has been granted the ‘ICC Men’s Test Cricketer of the Decade’?
Ans. Steve Smith
Ques 6. Who has won the Vijay Hazare Trophy 2021?
Ans. Himachal Pradesh
Ques 7. Which footballer has been respected with the ‘Player of the Century Award 2020’?
Ans. Cristiano Ronaldo
Ques 8. Who has won the Global Environment and Climate Action Citizen Award 2021?
Ans. Viral Desai
Ques 9. The book I Came Upon a Lighthouse has been sent off, who has composed this book?
Ans. Shantanu Naidu
Ques 10. Who has composed another book named The Modi Gambit: Decoding Modi 2.0?
Ans. Sanju Verma
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