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Short Details About The Internet 

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Short Details About The Internet
Short Details About The Internet

Internet ( Internet)

Its full name is International Network which was started by Vint Kurf in 1950.


(1) Allows easy contact with other persons.
(2) Through this contact can be made with anyone anywhere in the world.
(3) Publishing the document on the Internet saves paper etc.

Disadvantages of Internet:-

(1) Mostly responsible for viruses in the computer.
(2) Messages sent over the Internet can be easily stolen.
(3) Cyber ​​fraudsters can steal all credit/debit card information and use it unfairly.

★ Internet Connection:-

1. Dial-up Connection:- Dial-up is a means of connecting to the Internet with the help of a telephone line.
The modem first dials the phone number of the Internet Service Provider whenever the user activates the dial-up connection.
2. Broadband Connection: Broadband is commonly used for high-speed internet access. It uses telephone lines to connect to the Internet.
3. Wireless Connection:- Wireless broadband connects the home or business etc. to the Internet by using a radio link between the customer’s location and the service provider.
4. Wireless Fidelity ( wifi):- Wi-Fi provides high-speed internet without cables or wires.

★ Internet Connecting Protocol: –

1. TCP / IP: (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) TCP / IP provides end-to-end connectivity. There are mainly two parts to this protocol.
(1) TCP (2) IP
2. File Transfer Protocol ( FTP):- Users can upload files from their computers to various websites or download them from the website.
3. Hypertext Transfer Protocol ( HTTP):- Through this messages are formatted and transmitted in some way.
HTTP is a stateless protocol because every instruction in it is executed.
4. Hypertext Markup Language ( HTML):- It is used for designing web pages.
5. Telnet Protocol:- It is a network protocol in which bidirectional text-oriented communication is provided over a local area network using a virtual connection.
6. Usenet Protocol:- Under this, a group of Internet users can also exchange their views/advice on a particular topic among themselves.

★ Internet-related information:-

1. World Wide Web (www):- www is a system of the internet supporting specially formatted documents.
It was introduced on 13 March 1989.
Documents are formatted in Markup Language (HTML).
2. Webpage: – A collection of many documents or webpages.
These documents are written in HTML and displayed by the web browser.
3. Website:– Website is a collection of web pages in which all web pages are linked to each other. The first page of any website is called the homepage.
4. Web Browser:- Web browser is an application that is used to find and display www content.
It is of two types
(1) Text web browser – Lynx
(2) Graphical web browser – Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer
5. Web Address: – Web address is also called URL (Uniform Resource Locator). URLs represent the Internet addresses of files on host computers connected to the Internet such as –
Http – protocol identifier
www – world wide web
google.com – domain name
/service/ – directory
Index.html – web page
6. Search Engine: – Search engine is used for related information about any subject on the Internet.

Google – http://www.google.com

Yahoo – http://www.yahoo.com


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