List of districts in Haryana 2023

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List of districts in Haryana 2023

List of districts in Haryana 2023:- There will be 22 districts in Haryana as of 2023. India’s northern state of Haryana borders Himachal Pradesh and Punjab to the north, as well as Rajasthan to the south and west. On November 1, 1966, Haryana became a separate state with seven districts. Numerous new districts were added to the state over the years.

We have shared the refreshed Haryana region list here. Check out the names of all the state’s districts, as well as information about when they were established, how big they are, and how many people live there in total.

How Many Districts in Haryana

Haryana has 22 districts together. The state of Haryana had only seven districts at one time. However, the Haryana government added many more districts over time. Charkhi Dadri is the most recent district in Haryana, having been established in 2016.
The individuals who are accountable for managing the various administrative issues pertaining to the state of Haryana include
  • All of Haryana’s districts are overseen by the Deputy Commissioner or District Magistrate (DM).
  • In addition to officials from the Haryana police, a Superintendent of Police is in charge of assisting the DM and carrying out orders.
  • An elected head of the development department oversees the growth of each district’s subdivisions.
  • Wildlife and environmental issues in the districts are managed by the Deputy Conservator of Forests.

Haryana District Names 2023

For each of the 22 districts, we have provided Haryana’s district name here. The following table lists all of Haryana’s old and new districts.

District Code 2023 Haryana’s  District  Established Haryana district Headquarters Haryana’s  District Population (2011 Census estimates) District Area (in km²)
AM 1 November 1966 Ambala Ambala 1,136,784 1,574
BH 22 December 1972 Bhiwani Bhiwani 1,629,109 3,432
CD 1 December 2016 Charkhi Dadri Charkhi Dadri 502,276 1370
FR 15 August 1979 Faridabad Faridabad 1,798,954 792
FT 15 July 1997 Fatehabad Fatehabad 941,522 2,538
GU 1 November 1966 Gurugram Gurugram 1,514,085 1,253
HI 1 November 1966 Hisar Hisar 1,742,815 3,983
JH 15 July 1997 Jhajjar Jhajjar 956,907 1,834
JI 1 November 1966 Jind Jind 1,332,042 2,702
KT 1 November 1989 Kaithal Kaithal 1,072,861 2,317
KR 1 November 1966 Karnal Karnal 1,506,323 2,520
KU 23 January 1973 Kurukshetra Kurukshetra 964,231 1,530
MH 1 November 1966 Narnaul Mahendragarh 921,680 1,859
NH 4 April 2005 Nuh (city) Nuh 1,089,406 1,874
PL 15 August 2008 Palwal Palwal 1,040,493 1,359
PK 15 August 1995 Panchkula Panchkula 558,890 898
PP 1 November 1989 Panipat Panipat 1,202,811 1,268
RE 1 November 1989 Rewari Rewari 896,129 1,582
RO 1 November 1966 Rohtak Rohtak 1,058,683 1,745
SI 26 August 1975 Sirsa Sirsa 1,295,114 4,277
SO 22 December 1972 Sonipat Sonipat 1,480,080 2,122
YN 1 November 1989 Yamunanagar Yamunanagar 1,214,162 1,768

History of List of districts in Haryana 2023

According to the partition plan of then-East Punjab, Haryana became a separate state with seven districts on November 1, 1966. Rohtak, Jind, Hisar, Mahendragarh, Gurgaon, Karnal, and Ambala were the seven districts. Following the recommendation of Sardar Hukam Singh, the then-Speaker of the Lok Sabha—Parliamentary Committee, the partition was based on linguistic demographics. After the original districts were reorganized, 15 more districts were added. Haryana’s first chief minister was Pt. Dayal Sharma Bhagwat.
Charkhi Dadri district was separated from the larger Bhiwani district in 2016.
The historical backdrop of the Haryana locale can be followed back to 1 November 1966 when the province of Haryana was laid out. This action was taken following the division of East Punjab at the time. In the beginning, Jind, Rohtak, Hisar, Gurgaon, Ambala, Karnal, and Mahendragarh were the districts of Haryana.
The state of Haryana now has 15 districts in addition to the seven existing ones. Charkhi Dadri, which was carved out of the Bhiwani district in 2016, is the most recent addition to the list of Haryana districts.

FAQs on List of districts in Haryana 2023

Q1. In Haryana, how many districts are there?

Haryana has 22 districts together. The Haryana areas list incorporates Faridabad, Gurugram, Bhiwani, Ambala, Hisar, Jind, Jhajjar, Karnal, Nuh, Panipat, Sonepat, Rewari, Sirsa, Rohtak, Yamunanagar, Palwal, Kurukshetra, Fatehabad, Mahendragarh, Charkhi Dadri, Kaithal, and Panchkula.

Q2. Which Haryana district is the largest?

Sirsa is the largest district in Haryana, covering 4,277 square kilometers. This district encompasses the tehsils of Sirsa, Rania, Ellanabad, and Dabwali. The population of the district of Sirsa is estimated to be 1,295,189, according to the 2011 census.

Q3. Where can I locate the list of Haryana districts?

You can figure out the Haryana area list shared here. The names of all 22 Haryana districts are on the list. We have also shared a table with details about when the districts were first established, how big each district is, and how many people live there.

Q4. Which are the main 5 Haryana locale concerning region?

Sirsa, Hisar, Bhiwani, Jind, and Fatehabad are the five largest districts in Haryana in terms of area. The region covered by these districts is as follows:

    • Sirsa – 4,277 square kilometers
    • Hisar – 3,983 square kilometers
    • Bhiwani – 3,432 square kilometers
    • Jind – 2,702 square kilometers
    • Fatehabad – 2,538 square kilometers

Q5. Which Haryana district is the oldest?

One of Haryana’s oldest districts is Jind. In 1966, this district was one of the seven original districts that made up the state of Haryana. The Jind town is where the Jind district’s headquarters are. The Mahabharata, according to legend, first established Jind as an ancient location.

Learn more about each state’s number of districts.

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