List of districts in Manipur 2023

List of districts in Manipur 2023, Manipur Districts: Get List of Districts in Manipur 2023, Manipur Districts, Manipur disticts 2023,
List of districts in Manipur 2023, Manipur Districts: Get List of Districts in Manipur 2023, Manipur Districts, Manipur disticts 2023,

List of districts in Manipur 2023

List of districts in Manipur 2023:- Starting around 2023, the quantity of Regions of Manipur is 16. The state of Manipur is located in northeastern India and has a total area of 22,327 square kilometers. Manipur had only nine districts at one time. However, the Manipur Cabinet announced the establishment of seven new districts in the state in December 2016.

We have shared the names of the multitude of old and new locale of Manipur here. Besides, we have additionally shared the socioeconomics, for example, the all out populace and complete region covered by the locale of Manipur.

How Many Districts in Manipur 2023

There are 16 locale in Manipur. Until 2016, there were just 9 regions in the state, in particular, Thoubal, Imphal East, Imphal West, Bishnupur, Ukhrul, Senapati, Tamenglong and Chandel. However, the State Cabinet added seven new districts to Manipur in 2016 to make administrative tasks in the state easier.

The Cabinet of Manipur added the districts of Kamjong, Kakchinf, Jiribam, Noney, Tengnoupal, Kangpokpi, and Pherzawl in 2016. The existing hill districts of Manipur were divided into the following divisions in order to form these districts.

  • Pherzawl and Churachandpur districts separated the Churachandpur district.
  • The district of Tamenglong was divided into the districts of Noney and Tamenglong.
  • Manipur’s Senapati district was split up into Kangpokpi and Senapati districts.
  • Kamjong and Ukhrul districts were separated from the Ukhrul district.
  • Tengnoupal and Chandel districts were split from the Chandel district.

Manipur District List 2023

Look at the names of the multitude of existing areas of Manipur here. Each region in the state has a committed base camp. We have additionally shared the names of the central command of every Manipur region in the table underneath

# Headquarters District of Manipur
1 Bishnupur Bishnupur
2 Chandel Chandel
3 Churachandpur Churachandpur
4 Porompat Imphal East
5 Lamphelpat Imphal West
6 Jiribam Jiribam
7 Kakching Kakching
8 Kamjong Kamjong
9 Kangpokpi Kangpokpi (Sadar Hills)
10 Noney Noney
11 Pherzawl Pherzawl
12 Senapati Senapati
13 Tamenglong Tamenglong
14 Tengnoupal Tengnoupal
15 Thoubal Thoubal
16 Ukhrul Ukhrul

Districts of Manipur 2023- Demographics

Look at the names of the multitude of existing areas of Manipur here. Each region in the state has a committed base camp. We have additionally shared the names of the central command of every Manipur region in the table underneath

Districts List of districts of Manipur 2023

Manipur’s sixteen districts are as follows:

Code Headquarters District Website
BPR Bishnupur Bishnupur
CDL Chandel Chandel
CCP Churachandpur Churachandpur
IE Porompat Imphal East
IW Lamphelpat Imphal West
JBM Jiribam Jiribam
KAK Kakching Kakching
KJ Kamjong Kamjong
KPI Kangpokpi Kangpokpi
NL Noney Noney
PZ Pherzawl Pherzawl
SE Senapati Senapati
TML Tamenglong Tamenglong
TNL Tengnoupal Tengnoupal
TBL Thoubal Thoubal
UKR Ukhrul Ukhrul

Demographic List of districts of Manipur 2023

Population (2011) District Density (/km²)
Area (km²)
240363 Bishnupur 415 496
420517 Thoubal 713 514
452661 Imphal East 555 710
514683 Imphal West 847 519
354772 Senapati 116 3269
183115 Ukhrul 31 4547
144028 Chandel 37 3317
271274 Churachandpur 50 4574
140143 Tamenglong 25 4391
43818 Jiribam 190 232
135481 Kakching
45616 Kamjong 23 2000
47250 Pherzawl 21 2285
Languages of  districts of Manipur 2023
Indigenous names of districts District Languages (minor) Languages (major)
Bishnupur Kom, Kabui Meitei
Thoubal Thoubal Aimol, Anal, Maring Meitei
Imphal East Imphal East Tangkhul, Thadou, Mao, Hmar, Paite Meitei, Kabui
Imphal West Imphal West Tangkhul, Thadou, Mao, Hmar, Paite Meitei, Kabui
Tahamzam Senapati Maram, Thangal, Liangmai, Maram, Rongmai, Inpui, Tangkhul Mao, Poula
Ukhrul Ukhrul Thadou Tangkhul
Chamdil Chandel Maring, Moyon, Monsang, Chothe, Tarao, Paite Anal, Lamkang
LAMKA Churachandpur Gangte, Zou, Kom, Aimol, Chiru, Meitei, Simte Paite, Thadou, Hmar, Zomi ,Vaiphei
Inriangluang Tamenglong Thadou, Chiru, Hmar Rongmei, Liangmei, Zemei, Inpui
Jiribam Jiribam Rongmei, Zomi,Thadou, Paite Meitei, Bengali, Hmar
Kanggui Kangpokpi (Sadar Hills) Kom, Liangmai, Thangal, Rongmei, Aimol, Thadou, Nepali
Tangkhul, Koireng, Kharam, Vaiphei, Gangte, Hmar
Kakching Kakching _ Meitei, Loi
Tengnoupal Tengnoupal Aimol, Meitei, Thadou,Paite Maring, Mate, Meitei
Kamjong Kamjong Thadou Tangkhul
Longmai Noney Gangte, Vaiphei Rongmei, Inpui
Pherzawl Pherzawl Simte, Paite, Bengali, Vaiphei Hmar, Thadou


Subdivisions of  List of districts of Manipur 2023

Nambol, Moirang, Bishnupur Bishnupur
Thoubal, Lilong Thoubal
Porompat, Keirao Bitra, Sawombung Imphal East
Lamshang, Patsoi, Lamphelpat, Wangoi Imphal West
Tadubi, Paomata, Purul, Willong, Chilivai Phaibung, Songsong, Lairouching Senapati
Ukhrul, Lungchong Maiphai, Chingai, Jessami Ukhrul
Chandel, Chakpikarong, Khengjoy Chandel
Churachandpur, Tuiboung, Sangaikot, Mualnuam, Singngat, Henglep, Suangdoh, Kangvai, Samulamlan, Saikot Churachandpur
Tamenglong, Tamei, Tousem Tamenglong
Jiribam, Borobekra Jiribam
Kangpokpi, Champhai, Saitu Gamphazol, Kangchup Geljang, Tuijang Waichong, Saikul, Lhungtin Island, Bungte Chiru Kangpokpi (Sadar Hills)
Kakching, Waikhong Kakching
Machi, Moreh, Tengnoupal Tengnoupal
Kamjong, Kasom Khullen, Sahamphung, Phungyar Kamjong
Nungba, Khoupum, Longmai, Haochong Noney
Pherzawl, Parbung Tipaimukh, Vangai Range, Thanlon Pherzawl


Questions and Answers about Manipur’s Districts (FAQs on Districts of Manipur)

Q1. How many districts does Manipur have?

Manipur is home to sixteen districts in total. Until 2016, there were just nine regions in the state. Notwithstanding, the Manipur Bureau declared that seven additional locale would be made in the state by bifurcating a portion of the current uneven regions of Manipur.

Q2. What are the names of the 16 locale of Manipur?

There are a total of 16 districts in the Indian state of Manipur. The names of the 16 locale of Manipur are Bishnupur, Churachandpur, Jiribam, Imphal East, Kamjong, Senapati, Imphal West, Tengnoupal, Ukhrul, Thoubal, Noney, Pherzawl, Chandel, Kakching, Tamenglong and Kangpokpi.

Q3. Which is the freshest locale in Manipur?

In Manipur, seven new districts were established in 2016. These districts were created from some of Manipur’s existing hill districts. The state’s new districts were created by splitting the hill districts in half. Kamjong, Kakching, Jiribam, Pherzawl, Kangpokpi, Tengnoupal, and Noney are the new districts in Manipur.

Q4. Which of Manipur’s districts is the smallest and largest?

Churachandpur is Manipur’s largest district in terms of area, covering 4570 square kilometers. Bishnupur, on the other hand, is the smallest district in Manipur, covering just 496 square kilometers.

Q5. Where might I at any point get the rundown of regions of Manipur?

The Manipur district list can be found here. All of the old and new districts of Manipur, as well as the names of their respective headquarters, have been made public. Additionally, you can find demographic information for each state district.

Learn more about each state’s number of districts.

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